Wednesday, November 30, 2011


man, this last week ran away from me.  we had a great thanksgiving and were so happy to have trae home  with us for a whole week. the best thing about both trae and i being from the same place is that we get to hit up both families parties for the holidays if we want.  the worst part about having both of us from the same town is when we decide to hit up two large thanksgiving feasts on the same day and indulge at both of them. our bellies still haven't forgiven us for that one.  friday, jane and i went black friday shopping and got a few good finds.  mostly i like to go and be with my sisters, mom, aunts and grandma.  we have so much fun and forget all about the fact that we woke up at 3 am.... until about noon and we hit the wall.

quick story: we came home from getting family pics taken thursday morning and ave was mad at me for some reason so she went into my room and shut the door.  she told matt not to tell me that she was in my room, so i figured i'd let her cool off for a minute and i'd get some things done before we went to lunch. about  45 minutes later i went in to get her and the reason she didn't want me to know she was in there was because she had eaten an entire sleeve or two of oreos ... just the frosting in the middle though.  sneaky little lady.  she obviously wasn't hungry when it came time for real food.
thanksgiving dinner #1 was with the Coltrins. only picture i got

 thanksgiving dinner #2 with the Garrards
browsing the ads for black friday shopping
 Jane getting some love from her aunts

Friday started bright and early for us.  
(poor quality phone pictures)

meag came and stayed with my sisters while my parents were in jamaica a few weeks ago. we had so much fun together everyday.

we had a great thanksgiving week with family and now we are excited for christmas to get here. but not too fast because i have soooo much shopping left to do. 


meag said...

Unfortunetly I look really fat at the thanksgiving feast. Probably because that was my second meal as well. But it was a fabulous few weeks spending time with you and the girlies

Macey Peterson said...

grandma sure looks hip in that plaid shirt. i love that picture of her and jane. oh & what do i have to say of ave stuffing her face with oreos? that's my girl! :) can't wait to see you girls in a few weeks.

katie/nick said...

First off could never look fat! No one can even tell you are prego. Second. Lis I LOVE your hair! Let's switch.

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

U guys are adorable!! I miss you so much!! I want to come visit!! And ps I want my hair just like yours lis!!!Its so freaking cute!!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

I love you darker hair fyi. And i'm really sad I'm not seeing you before I leave tomorrow for LA. Bad Lis!! jk. But I'll be back for christmas for like 10 days so CALL ME if your down here!!!!

The Pearson's said...

Thank you for the blog comment a few weeks ago. I enjoy reading your blog at times..we had friends living in Brazil the same time you did, they had their "missing home" moments too. It was interesting to read how similar Hawaii and (my friend and you) living in another country was. We absolutely love it here. We would never leave if this rock was connected to the Mainland. The fact that we had that huge ocean seperation makes everything SO difficult.
I really like your dark hair! Its pretty! Congratulations on the beautiful baby girl! You look so happy!
Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, keep it up and have a fabulous Merry Christmas as well!