Saturday, July 31, 2010


for the second half or our mini vacation we went to a lovely place called natal.  it was about 4 hours away and so very worth it. we went on dune buggy rides the whole first day.  they took us to lots of different beaches, sand dunes, a zip line, sand slide and huge slip-n-slide.  we had such a blast and i can not wait to go again. the next day we just relaxed at the hotel and layed out by the pool. it was quite enjoyable indeed. i narrowed the pictures down to some of my favorites... if you can even call this narrowing


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

porto de galinhas

holy smokes we've taken alot of pictures in the past few days.  we had a fabulous time on our little adventures.  the first day that fletcher and skye arrived trae and i took them and the two little girls to porto de galinhas... a fun little resort town. the beach was super crowded but so pretty.  we played in the ocean, had lunch and shopped a little.  avery could have played in the water all day if we would let her and if it didnt require one of us to play in the water with her.  that little girl can wear ya right out sometimes.

its so nice to have visitor come and give us an excuse to get away and do some fun things. you're welcome anytime!

Friday, July 23, 2010

copy cat

ave is just at that age where she picks up on everything. she is always copying what i say (uh oh) and wanting to do everything i do. she's been a little copycat since she was itty bitty but now its just getting more fun. every time i brush my teeth, so does she. every time i put my shoes on for the day, she's right behind me and so on.  she even loves to sit on her own little potty, although she is far from being potty trained. she just thinks she is pretty cool when she does what the big kids do.  and pretty cool she is.

we're getting ready for some visitors to arrive tomorrow. as if this apartment wasnt small enough already... we will surely be getting nice and cozy with eachother now.  trae and i are taking fletcher and skye to do some sight-seeing/resort beach tomorrow and then we're headed for a little excursion with the whole family at the beginning of the week.  i love getting away from the big city every now and then. its quite refreshing actually...kinda makes we feel like i'm home...(kinda but not really).
speaking of home...i got my new camera that my in-laws brought back from the US.  my mom snapped this picture to test out the camera before sending it.  it was just what i needed. there really is no place like home is there?

have a lovely night!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

well, the rest of the family arrived back in town a few days ago.  it sure is a heck of a lot louder around here now but it is super fun. we're slowly getting back into the swing of things with a house full of people crammed in a little apartment. the next few months may be slightly out of control but i'm sure they will be oh so enjoyable.  trae took us into downtown Recife yesterday to show us around a little. there is so much to see in this big city.
we finally made it to the beach to play some volleyball. it was about time. hopefully this becomes a more regular activity for us.
most of all, avery is so happy to have her friends back here. i heard "me-she," "maul," and "morgee" so many time in the last few days.  she is also super happy to have "dwew" here to visit. this little girl is getting enough attention to last her til she's five.
seems like sundays are the only days i get around to posting lately.
have a lovely day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

one cool girl

there is a Mcdonalds where we live... thank goodness.  I think we've been there at least 5 times in the last few weeks. we go for the ice cream sundaes. they taste exactly like the sundaes from home.  avery loves it too because- 1. she loves ice cream (she could eat an entire sundae by herself.) and 2. because the spoons are the perfect size to do tricks on her little nose. adorable? i think so.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th

never been more proud to be an american as i am now. living in another country that functions so differently has made me appreciate the good ole USA so much more.  wish i could have been home this time of year. i pretty much love the 4th of july.  fire works (although we heard plenty of those when argentina lost their world cup game yesterday), barbeques, FAMILY REUNIONS, community parties. i love all of it.  hope you all had a great 4th!!

on another note... this girl has been funny lately.  she talks all day and says some of the most randon things. for instance:
she calls her dad 'trae'... which wont become a habit but it sure is cute.
when walking out of the church house last night she said 'bye-bye Jesus' as we passed a picture of him 
she calls herself 'a-ee' whenever she sees a picture of herself or looks in the mirror
every time we go to the temple she waves at angel Moroni and even says 'hi/bye moroni'
she loves juuuish (juice) and cookies and reminds us all day long
says 'poop' everytime she has to go or has already gone and everytime some one goes into the bathroom she says 'pee-pee'. (time to potty train??)
she loves the 'got-gog' (hot-dog song from mickey mouse clubhouse) and' tebby-tubbies' shows.
i love her!!

hope you have a great sunday.  it is, in fact, the best day of the week!!