Thursday, December 11, 2008

just to let you know..

i just went to my very last college class EVER. boy that feels good.. its even better that the only final i have is open book, open note, and online. life is great!

pregnancy is going great and i've only got FIVE weeks left.. how cool is that!

we found a place to live in logan, i've got a great new doctor and we are moving out of provo next Friday...only bad thing is that we cant move into our new place til like january 5th... hope this little girl doesnt decide to come early and hope our parents are ready for a few intruders for the next few weeks.

my sister just got back from Mexico (i'm a little jealous) and i have been waiting all day to talk to her. she just called!! its harder than you would think to go a whole week with out talking to the one person ( besides your husband) that you talk to everyday.

i love this time of year... dont you?! theres so much to be thankful for even if life seems hectic, crazy and out of control sometimes... it could always be worse. Christmas is only 14 days away..hope your Christmas shopping is going better than mine.

well..thats just a little update..hopefully i can post soon with some pictures (i've been bad at that lately).

take care