Monday, October 17, 2011

a baby story

ready for a story. fabulous.

monday morning i had a doctors appointment.  i was dilated to a 3.  nothing big.  i figured i would go at least until my due date the next wednesday.  i went to firth and spent the day with meag.  i was having a little back pain but never once thought that it might be labor pains, still don't know if it was or not.  at about 2 am that night, tuesday morning, my water broke.  not a gushing flow but enough for me to think, 'hey, this is a little bit weird feeling.' shortly after that i started having contractions.  they weren't anything too painful and about 10 minutes apart so i didn't do anything about it, but knew this baby was coming that day.  i couldn't really sleep so i got up to do some laundry and walked through the occasional painful contraction.  i finally got a little sleep from about 5-7, but was having to get up and walk around during contractions every 10 minutes or so.  my dad came and got ave at 7:30.  i got in the shower and started getting ready knowing that we probably needed to go to the hospital fairly soon since my water had broke a while ago.  the contractions started coming every 3-4 minutes at this point but still weren't super painful.  all along i knew i wanted to labor at home as long as i could with out being stupid and waiting too long.   we finally made it to the hospital at 10:30 am. i got hooked up to the monitors and was dilated to a 6 at this point.  i opted not to get an epidural yet because i still wasn't dying.  i asked if i could just walk around until i was ready for pain meds.  i got unhooked for the monitors at about 11:30 and at 11:45 they started getting a little hard to handle so i knew it was time to start walking.  trae got off the phone with his mom at 12:00 and we hit the halls.  we had to be back in the room at 12:30 to be checked again. only a half hour, right.  the first contraction i felt while walking made me squeeze trae's hand pretty tight.  they were getting close and the next few had me bent over trying to breathe through it.  they were coming every 2 1/2 minutes at this point.  i made trae figure out how many more i had to endure before 12:30, because at this point i pretty much thought i would get an epidural when i went back to my room.  i remember him saying i only had to tough it out through 4 more contractions then we would go back to get checked, but really i think he was ready to go back then but knew i wasn't.  the next contraction came and i told trae that it felt like i needed to push.  weird feeling and crazy painful.  i probably should have headed to the room then but kept thinking i only had 3 more contractions, i could do it, not thinking the baby was really coming already, i mean, i was just dilated to a six.  the next contraction came and i told trae that i could feel the babies head coming, and i couldn't help but push.  i honestly didn't know if i could make it back to the room before the baby came. freaked trae out, and pretty sure he would have done anything to get me back to the room at this point.  we made it back to the room at 12:25.  i think i freaked my awesome nurse out next, and had her thinking she was going to have to deliver the baby because my doctor was in surgery.  luckily my doctor made it just in time.  i layed down, got hooked up to monitors, and baby was here at 12:35.   it was seriously hard and painful but so amazing to be that control of my body.  it took a good hour or so for everything to set in.  it all happened so fast that i didn't really have time to think about what i had just done and that a baby was really here, but boy was i glad she was and glad i made it to my bed to have her.

everything is still going by really fast.  hard to believe miss jane has been in our family for almost a whole week now.  we are loving everything about her and adjusting well as a family of 4.  ave has handled it a little differently that i had expected. she gives jane about 10-15 minutes of her day and then goes on with life like she is used to.   i'm okay with it and figure she could be dealing with this change way worse.  trae is a total natural at this dad thing.  he is amazing with his two girls and i fall in love with him all over again when i watch him interact with them. it melts my heart.  i can't stop thinking about how blessed i really am to be the mom to these two girls.  its amazing how much love our hearts have to give.  there really is nothing in this world like holding a newborn baby for the first time and witnessing the miracle of life.  i am overwhelmed most of the time wondering how i got so lucky.  being a mother really is the greatest thing.

1. spending some quality time with ave a few days before jane was born.
2. our house is full of pink now.
3. in all my pregnancy glory, right before we went to the hospital.
4. just minutes after she was born.
5. loving life as a new mom
6. avery holding her baby sister for the first time.
7. enjoying every second of snuggling.
8. adorable, thats all really.
9. my new favorite picture. EVER.
10. our first un-complete family picture
11. tired little thing.
12. finally, all of us together. our happy family.

we love our jane.  life just keeps getting better.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jane Caroline Jones

she's here. and she's perfect.  caught us a little off guard coming when she did but we are so happy to have her safely here.  we love our little jane! we are all doing great, happy to be home, and trying to figure things out all over again.  details and more pictures to come soon i'm sure.

Jane Caroline Jones
October 11, 2011
6 lbs. 8 oz.- 19 inches