Tuesday, November 1, 2011

fall festivities

trae's mom has been in town visiting for the past few weeks. she left today to head back to brazil.  it was kinda strange having her come back to her own house and be the visitor there but we loved having her here.  she was so much help with the cooking, cleaning, playing with avery, and snuggling jane.  we are glad we gave her the excuse to make a trip to the US.  her trip went fast and she crammed it full of so many things, but they'll be back in a few months for the next visit.  while she was here we took a little trip to the pumpkin patch.
i stole a few of these from macey's blog.. thanks mace!

missing trae and jane, it was a cold day so they stayed in the car.

later in the week we carved our chosen pumpkins.  

 what a goof.

this sweet thing was happy to watch from the sidelines.  look how those cheeks are chunking up.  there are so many things i am remembering and loving all over again with newborn babies. goodness, i am so in love.

 and now it's November, which could quite possibly be my favorite month of the year. i am going to try and focus on things that i am grateful for everyday this month, instead of waiting until thanksgiving day to ramble off my list of blessings. so for day one of the 'month of thanksgiving'  i am grateful for two healthy and happy girls.  they bring me so much happiness and our lives would not be complete or half as enjoyable without them.  they make everyday worth waking up for and full of adventures.  they make being a mom the greatest and most fulfilling job.   What are you thankful for?


Madi McCleary said...

Hopefully you don't think I am a creeper for following you! (I may have left a comment before and started it this way!) One day I was clicking through blogs and found yours and thought it was adorable. Your girls are so cute! Congrats on the new one!

Anonymous said...

sweetest things ever. love those cute pictures. jane looks like she likes that blankie auntie meag made for her, now i just need to finish the other one. and you look too good to have a 3 week old. by the way....chase won last night and we stayed up her...and that is where i still am. --me

Jake & Kris said...

lis! you do look fantastic! i would love to come and meet little jane & avery for that matter! i'll text you soon and maybe we can find a time that works, things have just been crazy! take care, love ya!