Thursday, December 11, 2008

just to let you know..

i just went to my very last college class EVER. boy that feels good.. its even better that the only final i have is open book, open note, and online. life is great!

pregnancy is going great and i've only got FIVE weeks left.. how cool is that!

we found a place to live in logan, i've got a great new doctor and we are moving out of provo next Friday...only bad thing is that we cant move into our new place til like january 5th... hope this little girl doesnt decide to come early and hope our parents are ready for a few intruders for the next few weeks.

my sister just got back from Mexico (i'm a little jealous) and i have been waiting all day to talk to her. she just called!! its harder than you would think to go a whole week with out talking to the one person ( besides your husband) that you talk to everyday.

i love this time of year... dont you?! theres so much to be thankful for even if life seems hectic, crazy and out of control sometimes... it could always be worse. Christmas is only 14 days away..hope your Christmas shopping is going better than mine.

well..thats just a little update..hopefully i can post soon with some pictures (i've been bad at that lately).

take care

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

on the move..

Yesterday we found out that Trae did not get into business school at BYU. We are both sad about this because that was by far our best option and the best school but we decided that if he didnt get in that we would move so that he could continue his education and still get done as quickly as possible... so we are moving to Logan... in about 3-4 weeks.

I've got bittersweet feelings about the whole move.

On one hand i am so sad to be leaving because we have great friends, a great ward, i love my job, i hate moving (especially when i will be eight months pregnant), and because now i will have to find a new doctor and hope that everything transfers with my insurance and all that fun stuff.

However, on the other hand, i am excited for a change..change is good, excited to live closer to home and especially closer to my sisters, excited for cheaper rent because Provo is a total rip off, and excited to make new friends.

Anyways... its a blessing to know that everything happens for a reason and we are going to make the best of this sudden change in our lives.. lets face it.. there will be lots of changes happening in the next little while.

If anyone knows of any nice places to live in Logan that wont break the bank please let us know.

Speaking of moving however... our little lady sure knows how to thrown and elbow jab and do some mad sombersalts.. especially when i lay down for bed at night.. how convienent. i just happened to notice that the countdown is under 60 days..can you believe it!

Well. hope everyone has a great day! BYE

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends and Family Weekend!!! i know that i am a total blogging loser these days..but life has been pretty relaxed lately and i just dont have much to blog about. I'm still pregnant and growing quite the belly as of the past few weeks...(yes i am showing now)..but boy do i feel good...pregancy has been good to me thus far.. and only about two and a half months left!!!

Anyways.. i still work at the Gap and our Friends and Family weekend (now known as Give and Get) is coming up November 13th, 14th and 15th or something like that. I have 50 coupons to give away so if you would like one either leave your email address and i will e-mail you a coupon or leave your address and i will send you one...(i have 25 email coupons and 25 hard copy coupons). These coupons work at any Gap store and online so dont be shy... if you need more than one for like a sister or mom or friend or something just let me know and hopefully i can get you a few...

Well then.. until next time, (which hopefully wont be another month away)..have a great day and a Happy Halloween tomorrow!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

like i said..

...i just love conference weekend. We started out by going to the BYU vs. Utah State football game friday in Logan. pretty dull game but we had a good time with my family. On saturday we all slept in and then watched conference. In between sessions my mom was being her martha stewart/betty crocker self by cooking up some zuchinni bread. She added a few of her own twists, which usually always work. I've dedicated a few posts to how amazing my mother is in the past. This one is to show you that she really is human and she too makes mistakes... (just not very often.) Here is her attempt to making Zuchinni bread...something went terribly wrong and her poor oven had definetly seen better days. this bread had been in the oven for about an hour and was still so runny and had blown up in her oven. Needless to say we all had a few good laughs at this one mom.
That night we had family pictures taken in Oakley, Id. They turned out so so good. We stopped at my grandmas on our way out to pictures and to watch the Saturday afternoon session of conference. This is one of the many snapshots of all my sisters. syd, rach, meag, kell and me... Sure do love these girls!!
and who could forget my dad. I just love this guy. he keeps us laughing ALL the time. Don't let this picture fool you..he is one of the happiest people i know....he just likes to put on a front to show his tough side. I dont know how i got so lucky to have such great parents. Love you dad.
Our photographer found out that i was pregnant and kept wanting to take pictures displaying my belly. The thing is that i still dont really look pregnant..i just look like i've gained 10 pounds. Anyways, she made trae wrap his arms around me and make a heart on my stomach for a few pictures so we had fun making fun of this silly pose. (just imagine that my triangle looks like a heart) was a FANTASTIC weekend!!


I sure do love conference weekend. Wasn't it just amazing!!! There were so many things that i needed to hear at this time in my life. I'm deteremined to be just a little bit better and try a little harder. I loved being able to go home and spend the entire weekend with my family... (pictures to come soon). Aren't families just the greatest things in the world. I sure am lucky! hope your conference weekend was as splendid as mine and that you were uplifted by all those great talks. WOW!

Friday, September 5, 2008

and here she is...

Here are a few shots of our little lady. The first is a profile shot. I was amazed that they could check specific things already. Our ultra sound tech could already check and see if she would have a cleft pallet and other things like that. AMAZING!! The next picture is of her little foot, which i think is so cute. Then there is another profile picture. She was breech during the ultrasound so she just rested her little legs up on her shoulders, flexible already. The last is the "proof" picture. I hope that it is okay that i posted this little private picture of her. I loved it though becuase her legs were crossed like that the ENTIRE time. I'm glad that she let us get a little look a few times though. We got a few other good shots of her legs and arms and a skeleton picture (which is a little freaky) but these were just a few of my favorites. I am still in awe at technology these days. Its amazing how much i love this little gal already. I am so blessed that i have been feeling well. I'm harldy showing at all right now so when i get where i actually have a visible baby bump i might post a picture.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The verdict is in....

and we are having a GIRL!!! I dont know about Trae, but i am in complete shock. I thought for sure we were having a little boy becuase everyone we know is having girls... but we decided to jump on that bandwagon right along with them. Neither one of us really had a preference but we are so excited for our news and for our little family. The baby looked healthy and has two feet with five toes and little hands. All of her vitals are strong and working just as they should be. She was being rather modest during the ultrasound and kept her cute little feet and ankles crossed the entire time..but we still got a good look and the doctor said its safe to start shopping (not that i need anymore temptations)! anyways..i have quite a few pictures and a dvd that i will work on putting up here so you can see our little bundle of joy too. until then..just be proud that i finally posted something since it has been nearly a century since my last one.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special Delivery!!!

Its the truth...Trae and I are expecting our little selves a special delivery in January!!! I know, it seems like forever away (probably because it is) but i couldnt hold it in any longer--i 'm proud that i made it three and a half months. My sweet mother helped get the news out while we were out of the country for three weeks so i'm guessing that a large majority of you allready know. Anyways..we went to the doctor this week and heard the little rascals heartbeat, so its official that the constant hunger pains, nausea, and shortness of breath i've had for the past few months were actually for a dar n good reason!! We are so stinkin excited, nervous, scared, happy, and curious, and i am more than ready for all the advice you professional moms have to offer..because lets be honest..i havent a clue what were getting ourselves into. We wont find out the gender of our little rugrat for like another seven weeks so we have to be patient...but we both are leaning towards a boy. Anyways..kinda crazy but we really are so excited!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

missin my family

Happy 4th of July!!! I really do have alot to be happy about these days but there is one thing that has me in the dumps.. my ENTIRE family on my moms side is all playing together at our family reunion for a few days.. in my parents back yard .. and i'm stuck in Provo WORKING (yes, working on the 4th of July). I sure do love family reunions so i Wish i could be there with you!!! hope your having fun with out us!! I'd sure be JUMPING for joy if i could be there..see you all next year!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Home!!


13 airplane flights
3 temples
2 bladder infections
1 hospital visit
8 hotels
3 countries
1 continent
a few sleepless nights
and SO many new memories...

It has been an adventurous few weeks. After visiting Argentina, Brasil, and a quick stop in Paraguay we are finally home. We had so much fun and crammed so much stuff into our 2 1/2 week vacation. We started our trip off in Argentina, went to the temple there, and visited some people from Drew's (trae's younger brother) mission. It's official that Argentina has the worlds best Ice Cream ever. We didnt stay there very long but had a great time, met some amazing people and saw so many cool things. Then we headed to Brasil where we spent the rest of the trip. We went to Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Recife, Olinda, Porto De Galinhas, Iguacu Falls, Rio de Janeiro, and the Pantanal. I still can not believe all of the things we saw and did in that amount of time. My favorite place was definatley Iguacu Falls. It was absolutely amazing!!!! I got sick with a killer bladder infection that turned into a kidney infection so i had a few miserable days and had to miss out on a couple of things but i went to the doctor, got an antibiotic and started feeling much better. We went out to dinner with Trae's mission president, met some people he baptized, went to dinner with Dee's (Trae's dad) mission presidents family from 25 years ago, met some people he baptized, went to a few beaches, swam in a coral reef in the Atlantic Ocean, almost got attacked by an alligator, saw the Christus Statue, did alot of shopping, and went to two temples there. We really did have an amazing time, but it sure feels good to be HOME!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

see you in 3 weeks!

well.. i'm checking out of the blogging world for a few weeks and going on vacation baby!!! We're heading for South America bright and early tomorrow morning. It will be so nice to get away from Provo for a few weeks and get a much needed vacation before school starts again. Too bad we just found out it was 32` F in Argentina today... i got my jacket packed. Hopefully Brasil will greet us with warm, sun tanning weather. Trae says some of the worlds greatest beaches are in Brasil..sure hope he's right. Well... see you in a few weeks!!

Monday, June 2, 2008


HEY MEAG--- happy birthday sis!! thanks for the best 22 years of my life! You are so amazing and i am so stinkin lucky to have a sister like you!! hope you have a fantastic day. LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What a week!!!

My stinkin cute cousin Chelsea got married this last week!! She is one of the most amazing girls i know and made the most BEAUTIFUL bride!!! She married Mr. Greg Roper in the Mount Timp temple. The reception was the night before their wedding and it was so pretty!! They are so happy and cute together!!Meag and i were designated kitchen help... there was sooo much good food and we made sure to taste test everything quite frequently to make sure everything was still good. I have never eaten so many chicken salad sandwiches in one night!
My dad had his last chemo appointment on Thursday...YEAH!!! He is such a rock star!!! My parents are both so amazing and i think they are just the cutest thing ever.
Here we are at the temple. Meag, Chels, and i are just a few months apart and have been so close since we were were all grown up and married! After the wedding i came home to Burley and spent some time with Trae's family. Drew brought home his new girlfriend Mary. She is the sweetest girl and so much fun!!
and this is the crazy hail/rain storm that greeted us on Monday. I have never seen such outrageous rain or hail in my life. Within minutes thier driveway was covered. WHERE ARE YOU SUMMER???

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh Mother...

My cute mom..what a woman she is!! I'm pretty much in debt to her for everything she has taught and done for me. Look at this girl...all 5 foot 4 inches of her is pure sweetness. Everyday I am amazed at the things she does as a mother, wife, daugther, friend, peacemaker, leader, etc.!!! I sure do love you mom!!

What i love about you....

1. You love our Dad and are so positive and supportive of him with the things he is going through right now. I'm sure there are days when you want to through in the towel, but you never show it and make sure he is taken care of all the time.

2. I can still call and talk to you every single day, (and I do). I know sometimes my call are pointless but i'm so glad we have a relationship that i can call and talk to you about anything.

3. You are my greatest example of service. You have shown me how to serve others so willingly by your example.

4. You love the Gospel and make sure your children know it. I love how you share your testimony often and let us know how important the Gospel is to you.

5. You raised three kids under the age of 1... (i don't know how you did it but i think we turned out alright)...and then three more after that. I only hope i can be as good as a mother and nurturer as you are.

6. You make me laugh.

7. You make me cry.

8. You said you won't come and visit me when i have a home if it's dirty. (I'm sure glad you dont see my house everyday) but i love how tidy you are and am so thankful for your example of cleanliness.

9. You have always been my best cheerleader and supporter. Even if you didnt always know what you were talking about, i loved that you were so involved and hardly ever missed a game or meet.

10. You are so strong and positive through your trials and help everyone else get through theirs. I've never seen some with so much gratitude for the things they experience but you help me know that whatever it is that i face, it could always be worse and i still have blessings to count.

all six of us kids home with our mom on Mothers Day.

We love you Mom!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My BLogGiNg DeBuT!!

so, here i am...writing my first blog. It has taken me a while to jump onto the band-wagon of blogging, but i've finally done it, now i just have to find things to blog about. Maybe this will be motivation to go out and do fun things so that i have something that is blog-worthy! but anyhow, here i am, happy to be a blogger, and loving life!