Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today was a pretty normal day. well, except for the fact that today when i got to church i realized i forgot to put on a bra, and avery fell asleep standing up during sacrament meeting.  honestly, who does that? forgets to put on a bra and falls asleep standing up. just thought i'd document that randomness of our day, those kinds of things don't happen too often.

other than those little slip-ups, our lives have been pretty regular.  we are loving our swimming pool downstairs and the beach right out the back.  ave certainly prefers the warm beach water to the frigid pool.  today the tide was lower than i have seen it in a long time. the entire reef was exposed. the beach was a little dirty but i thought it looked so cool. 
(picture taken through out netted balcony)

also, this little girl is so obsessed with shoes.  so much in fact that she insists she sleeps with shoes on.  normally she doesn't win, but this particular day it was a battle not worth fighting.  if she has pants on, during the day or at night, they have to be rolled up. she hates anything touching the bottom of her legs, spoiled little  warm weather girl. we stick to shorts and skirts around here.  these little quirks are cute to me right now and i'm sure next week i'll forget them.

anyways, hope your sunday was good. and that you remembered all your critical clothing items and got a normal nap.

Monday, February 14, 2011

ramblings of a 2 year old

my bed time conversation with avery a few nights ago

ave-mom, you lay with me for just one minute.
me- okay, i'll stay here for a little bit then i have to go clean up the kitchen
ave- you stay for one more minute mom. just one minute.
me-okay ave. please go to sleep
after a few minutes of her playing around and not going to sleep i say:
me- ave i'm not gonna stay here if you dont go to sleep, i'm gonna go clean up
ave- lay your head down on your pillow
ave- lay your head on your pillow right now mom
me-you lay your head down too ave
ave-mom, close your eyes and go to sleep
ave- close your eyes right now
me-okay, you need to close your eyes too and try to go to sleep sweetheart.
ave- close your eyes and lay your head on my pillow right now mom.

who is running this show anyways. okay, don't answer that.
the next night this is how her prayer went... she said it all by herself

Heavenly Father,
we can have a goodnight, and be good. and um, mom will lay with me for just one minute. and um, Jesus and we could go to church today. and be nice. and um, papa and daddy and grandma, and papa and grandma. and mommy will lay her head on my pillow just one minute. and um, um, we could be safe. and um, be happy.
Jesus Christ, Aaaaaaaamen.

it was so cute even though she leaves out all those "please bless"and "thank yous".

love moments like these that help me forget the not so cute things she does, like how she has completely forgotten that she was potty trained, and is sometimes downright bossy and mean. we'll just focus on the good for now. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy birthday- yesterday

reasons why i love trae...

his laugh, that sometimes makes me laugh.
how he looks in his sunday best. gets me everytime.
the way he plays with avery and gets her laughing, almost never fail.
how he teaches me patience.
that he can rock his sperrys, and look good doing it
his love for the gospel
that he wants to be a professor
how he is so optomistic about our future even though we're kinda clueless
his ability and willingness to serve, especially to the people here in brasil
he takes me to the temple often
how he is humble and never asks for or wants anything for himself
but never says no when i ask the "can i buy this for myself "question
how he handles stress so well
and works so hard for our family
he knows his scriptures
how he is totally himself when hes with his brothers
how he looks in his glasses
he is so organized and responsible
sees the good in everyone
knows how to play the piano better than me
he isn't afraid of a challenge
that he helps do the dishes almost everynight after dinner (starting last week)
how he gets avery to cuddle with him whenever he wants
is so patient with my imperfections
how he fulfills his 'big brother'role so well.
that he is mine FOREVER.

love you babe!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february 1st

can't believe its already february.  this month is trae's birthday, valentines day, the girls start school and i get to play mom for a few weeks, and it only has 28 days. guess i better enjoy it while it lasts. ave had i kinda rough day yesterday and she wore us both right out.  When she woke up this morning at 8:00 and had me histerically laughing by 8:15, i knew it was gonna be a much better day. and it was.  here is a little glimpse into our avery's february 1st. 
(told you i get that evil smile often)

(thank you grandma and grandpa for sending your awesome piano, ave loves it and i am gonna re-learn to play a little)

(i did not know that forgetting brown sugar had that affect on cookies. the ones on the right were so much better, obviously)

(eating a pb&j in her undies, not a bad life)

hope the rest of the month goes as good as this.