Saturday, August 28, 2010

anniversary get-away

my sweet husband planned a quick little get away for us this weekend. since he just got called to be the early morning seminary teacher, we couldnt go during the week on our anniversary so we slipped away yesterday and spent the night at a really nice resort about an hour away from where we live.  it was lovely. we had such a relaxing time and it was nice to have some alone time.   the beach was beautiful, and the pool was 'posh' (as trae liked to refer to it). can we have a semi-anniversary get-away in 6 months please? 

(lots of pictures)

 thanks again babe. i love you!!


three months with out a bathtub is a lot harder than it sounds.  we are so glad grandma and grandpa jones moved into a hotel.  now ave can have a bath anytime she wants, and i can finally take a peaceful shower alone.  we wont mention the fact that the bathtub water looks 100% questionable. just fill the tub with bubbles and we are good to go, and ave is one clean, happy girl!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 years

today is our 4 year anniversary. 4 YEARS! where did the time go? i guess the 4 years of college, 5 different houses, 2 different schools, 1 cute baby girl, and a big move to brasil helps it go quickly. so happy i married someone who is so patient with me and puts up with my quirks. so happy i married someone who is passionate about the same things i a few more.  so happy i married someone who loves being a dad. so happy i married my best friend and get to spend eternity with him. love you babe!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


we have been taking it easy here in brasil.  nothing new or exciting has been going on. but we're enjoying ourselves and still trying to make ourselves comfortable here. in 3 weeks we are moving out of the apartment we live in now. its a long story but dee and bonnie bought an nice apartment before they moved to brasil. there were people living in it at the time, waiting for their new apartment to get finished being built. they told us they would be out around may. may has come and gone and the new time table is around october...but we've heard dates before and we still arent living there. we are just hoping that by Christmas when the whole family is here again we'll be in the new big apartment.  we are attending the ward that is in our new apartments bounderies. our stake president wanted us to live in our ward bounderies immediately but since the rent was paid for the month dee and bonnie moved into a hotel and the rest of the family will follow in the middle of september. the hotel was the only reasonable option in our ward bounderies. its odd and crazy but we're making it work. it takes a lot more planning and communication to figure out where the cars will be and who needs to be where and when.  trae and dee found an office and moved in last week. there is an apartment on the top of the office and trae and i are moving in there instead of the hotel.  it will be nice to have our own place for a while. we still havent decided if we will live there permanently or just for a few months until the new apartment becomes available. the good news is that all of the moving into the hotel and into the office apartment will take place when i am visiting home. i got lucky there. 

other than our crazy living arangments not much has been going on. its winter here and so it rains or is overcast alot, not great for tanning but its perfect weather otherwise. i havent decided if im looking forward to summer here, i hear it gets pretty hot. here are some pictures of avery from the last few days. someday i'll take pictues of somehing/someone else.  until then...enjoy!

ave playing with her new horse and running away with a girl in our wards new birthday shoes, that she wasnt supposed to play with

wearing the shoes instead. and finding odd things to play with in the house.

ave dancing with aunt mal... probably while singing 'baby, baby, baby, oh." (it looks like she's doing some questionable dancing...but she was probably just doing something silly.) and sitting by papa getting ready for fhe.  this is the face she has been pulling every time i whip out the camera. hilarious but not so cute

flying with a swimming noodle. getting ready for our airplane ride home in a few weeks.
 three months living in brasil down... 11 more to go.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


this girl can keep herself occupied for quite some time if she has something to draw or color on. its her new favorite activity and i think its adorable.  she'll sit and color and talk to herself the whole time, then come up to me and ask me to draw a picture. sometime she'll want me to draw a flower, sometimes its the temple or a house, or a cow or a dog. oh how i love that little girl and her wild imagination.


Friday, August 6, 2010

any minute now...

these two are about to have a little baby any minute now. seriously, i just barely got off the phone with her. when she answered she said... "um lis, i cant really talk right now, i'm pushing. i'm gonna have a baby real soon. call me back in a half hour."  alrighty then sister, will do. answer your phone when i call cause i'm sure you wont have anything else important to do, like adore your baby boy, or something like that.  
 i've got butterflies right now. there is nothing else i would rather be doing than waiting outside the idaho falls hospital for word that she has had that little guy, then rushing into the hospital as soon as we're allowed and bursting into tears right when i see her realizing what kind of miracle just happened, just like she did with me when i had sweet little avery. in fact, i'm getting emotional right now because i am so sad i have to miss this.  i remember being so very grateful for meag right after i had ave. she helped me with more things than i'd like to go into details about. sister stuff.  i know she'll handle it so well and there are so many people looking out for her but i wish i was there, and she knows it because i've only called her 40 times today begging for details.

by the way, i booked my ticket to come home today. September 2 is the day. i can not wait to cuddle that sweet boy for 2 weeks straight. you are going to be the very best mom, meag. baby jones is one lucky little guy.  

i suppose that in the time it took me to write this post she has most likely had her baby.  i guess i'll give her a few minutes to relax before i call her.

UPDATE: just got off the phone with meag. baby boy arrived at 8:36 pm,  ten minutes after i got off the phone with her.  i'll let her give you details, but from what i hear he is absolutely perfect...naturally.