Sunday, June 28, 2009

the young and the restless (our team name)

8394 (ish) runners
710 teams
188 miles total
37th place!
31.06 hours of running
18.4 miles(that i ran)
12 girls
3 legs
2 awesome drivers
lots of potty breaks
1.5 hours of sleep
a few blisters

i was a little bit skeptical going into this race. maybe it was because i didnt feel prepared enough. maybe it was that i didn't know what to expect. either way... it ROCKED

loved the girls who ran with us. loved that i had to push myself harder than i ever have before. and LOVED that we finished it. i was the very first runner on our team. kinda intimidating i'm not gonna lie. best part about going first is that i was done first and had pretty much all of Saturday to relax and cheer on our runners. i think i want to do this race every year. we had such a fun car of girls. two of the girls i didn't really know at all and the were absolutely hilarious. i miss them. i ran my three legs 1- 5.1 miles, 2- 8.5 miles, 3- 4.8 miles. yep, thats a lot of miles combined. 18.4 to be exact. i feel like i did a little better than i had expected, (nope, i'm still not as fast as meag). i only ran into a few minor challenges along the way... (note to self: if you are nursing a little baby and exercising and burning a ton of calories.. DRINK TONS OF WATER or you'll get dehydrated while running). other than that and the lack of sleep and sore bodies, it was a BLAST. my parents drove our car and were super fun. i was so grateful my mom was there to help take care of Ave. Trae took Avery to stay at our Ogden house Friday night and they met up with us the next morning. they were both good sports for following us around all day (thanks!!). we were just there to finish the race and have fun while doing it. mission accomplished. but let me tell you, there are some pretty serious runners out there. we ran through some of the most GORGEOUS parts of Utah. i've seriously never seen prettier country. if you think you never want to run this race, at least go drive the course. it wont disappoint. anyways. i loved the wasatch back so much.

so, who wants to run it with me next year?

Monday, June 22, 2009

i know i'm a day late but i just wanted to quickly let these boys know how much i love them!

trae is such an amazing dad. probably the best. he loves his little avery so much. i just love watching those two together. she lights up whenever she sees him. so cute. i probably don't tell him this enough..but thanks for all you do for our family. i sure love you!!

and then there's this guy. i've been so blessed with the greatest dad. i don't even know what to say or where to begin. he is amazing. hands down one of the greatest, most spiritual, funny, supportive, loving, determined, patient (etc. etc.) people i know. thanks for all you do dad. i wouldn't be where i am and who i am now if it wasn't for you. i love you!

i couln't find a picture of my father-in-law but i hope he knows how much i love him. he is such a good dad and grandpa. i love seeing how much his kids love him and look up to him. i really am blessed to have such amazing men in my life.

stay tuned for a post and our wasatch back experience. so fun!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

silly girl

i usually get one of two things when i'm trying to take a picture of avery.

1. her chewing on her bottom lip....


2. her hands in her mouth.

she cracks me up all day long. seriously.

she's 5 months old now. my goodness. 5 whole months. happy to say that she is still filling out. i love this chubby little girl. here's a few things she's been up to.

- still sleeping through the night. YEAH!
-sitting up.. well, at least trying. (see picture below)
- not loving solids. she gets a few bites down, but thats about all. we've only tried rice cereal and oatmeal so maybe we'll try fruits or veggies soon.
- still wont even think about sucking on a binky or taking a bottle. (stubborn girl)
-smiling and giggling all the time
- fake crying. if we dont pay attention to her she starts the hilarious fake cry.
-screaming and squealing all day. not the i'm ticked off scream, the 'hey, i'm funny and i like hearing myself all the time' kind of a scream/squeal.
-loves, loves being outside.
- she could listen and watch her dad play guitar all day long. so cute.
-goes down for naps and bed all by herself and is usaully asleep within 5-10 minutes.
-rolling over from belly to back. she doesn't roll too often and hasn't really even attempted the back to belly yet. i guess she's just a content baby.
-growing up way too fast.

love, love, love her!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

we're 23

well duh, i just got done reading meags blog and i dont think there is any way i'm topping that post so i'm totally not even gonna try... (but read it,my feelings are mutual)
what i can say is that hands down i have the most amazing, talented, outgoing, healthy, in shape, gorgeous (etc, etc..) twin sister ever.
i freaking love her.
where in the world does the time go though..honestly.
seems like just yesterday we gangly, awkward jr. highers. (those were good days)
meag is quite the gal..i'll tell you what.
so amazing i named my first daughter after her.
23 years ago i met my very, very, best friend. seriously. cant imagine life with out her.
she cries, i cry. she laughs, i laugh.
i'm so blessed to have had an automatic best friend my whole life. i guess i didn't really have a choice but if i did, i would have chose this gal.. i just love her.
honestly, i could probably type and type all day and still not many people could understand the kind of relationship we have. but let me tell rocks!
we've been through a lot together, she and i...
boyfriends, girlfriends, sports, school, moving, college, a divorce (our own), marriages, a kid.
23 years worth of stuff (thats a pretty long time).
and i'm so happy i got to do it all with you.
meag, i love you.
thanks for 23 amazing years.
lets make this one a good one.
starting tomorrow.
happy birthday sister!

(i'm totally stealing a few pictures off her blog cause i don't have any on this computer)