Wednesday, February 24, 2010

little beaver

this is what avery's crib now looks like. i'm not super happy about it cause she has a really nice crib, and don't quite know how to get her to stop eating it. i sure hope wood is a good source of fiber or something because she's been getting her share of it lately.
i'll go pick her up from her naps and she'll hand me a piece of wood that she's been chewing on. she thinks she's cute but i think she is a little stinker....(but a cute stinker).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

wanna go?

we're going to the happiest place on earth for spring break this year and we're super excited. the best part about it is that we're going for free!!

disney has a great promotion this year called give a day, get a disney day! all you do is go do a few hours of volunteer service and you get a days ticket to disneyland. it only covers one theme park not a hopper pass so we're going to upgrade to a hopper for 25 bucks!! pretty sweet, huh?

it felt good to go volunteer and do some community service for a few simple hours. i'd say we're getting the better end of the deal with mr. walt disney.... but thanks anyways!

go here for details.

Friday, February 5, 2010


so, as of late this gal has been sporting a mullet. sometimes its not very cute. so now she wears pigtails.

i dont think i've ever seen pigtails look so cute.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentines Craft

I found this cute craft on this awesome blog tatertotsandjello, and kell and our friend michelle made them the other day. it was so easy and cost maybe 5 bucks. Marbles, craft glue, dollor store frames and scrapbook paper is all it took. so easy and cute.

they're gone

my in-laws moved to brasil a few days ago. it came so fast and it still hasnt really hit me that they're gone. we went home the weekend before they left to spend some time with them. Ave wasnt super sweet that weekend so i went home the day before they left for good so we could see them once more. we sure are going to miss them but we are so excited for the summer so we can go visit them!! (it was bed time so ave is looking a little raggidy anne like)

While ave and i were home we went to two of syd's basketball games and played with my family. Ave doesnt really have a choice but to love watching ball games. i have a feeling she'll be going to lots of them in her days.

She is so independent these days. not a chance she will let me feed her anymore. she's getting bigger and so much fun. Trae said last night that he wants avery to stay this age for a long time cause she is such a charater and so funny.