Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friends and Family Weekend!!! i know that i am a total blogging loser these days..but life has been pretty relaxed lately and i just dont have much to blog about. I'm still pregnant and growing quite the belly as of the past few weeks...(yes i am showing now)..but boy do i feel good...pregancy has been good to me thus far.. and only about two and a half months left!!!

Anyways.. i still work at the Gap and our Friends and Family weekend (now known as Give and Get) is coming up November 13th, 14th and 15th or something like that. I have 50 coupons to give away so if you would like one either leave your email address and i will e-mail you a coupon or leave your address and i will send you one...(i have 25 email coupons and 25 hard copy coupons). These coupons work at any Gap store and online so dont be shy... if you need more than one for like a sister or mom or friend or something just let me know and hopefully i can get you a few...

Well then.. until next time, (which hopefully wont be another month away)..have a great day and a Happy Halloween tomorrow!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

like i said..

...i just love conference weekend. We started out by going to the BYU vs. Utah State football game friday in Logan. pretty dull game but we had a good time with my family. On saturday we all slept in and then watched conference. In between sessions my mom was being her martha stewart/betty crocker self by cooking up some zuchinni bread. She added a few of her own twists, which usually always work. I've dedicated a few posts to how amazing my mother is in the past. This one is to show you that she really is human and she too makes mistakes... (just not very often.) Here is her attempt to making Zuchinni bread...something went terribly wrong and her poor oven had definetly seen better days. this bread had been in the oven for about an hour and was still so runny and had blown up in her oven. Needless to say we all had a few good laughs at this one mom.
That night we had family pictures taken in Oakley, Id. They turned out so so good. We stopped at my grandmas on our way out to pictures and to watch the Saturday afternoon session of conference. This is one of the many snapshots of all my sisters. syd, rach, meag, kell and me... Sure do love these girls!!
and who could forget my dad. I just love this guy. he keeps us laughing ALL the time. Don't let this picture fool you..he is one of the happiest people i know....he just likes to put on a front to show his tough side. I dont know how i got so lucky to have such great parents. Love you dad.
Our photographer found out that i was pregnant and kept wanting to take pictures displaying my belly. The thing is that i still dont really look pregnant..i just look like i've gained 10 pounds. Anyways, she made trae wrap his arms around me and make a heart on my stomach for a few pictures so we had fun making fun of this silly pose. (just imagine that my triangle looks like a heart) was a FANTASTIC weekend!!


I sure do love conference weekend. Wasn't it just amazing!!! There were so many things that i needed to hear at this time in my life. I'm deteremined to be just a little bit better and try a little harder. I loved being able to go home and spend the entire weekend with my family... (pictures to come soon). Aren't families just the greatest things in the world. I sure am lucky! hope your conference weekend was as splendid as mine and that you were uplifted by all those great talks. WOW!