Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter weekend!!

we just got back from a spending the weekend with our families. i love easter weekend, love easter parties and i especially love easter candy... depsite the fact that my body is begging me not to eat anymore. Trae and i even got to go out on our first date with out the little lady.. (thanks grandma and grandpa jones and morg and mal for watching ave)...

on saturday morning my cousin alli put on a 3 mile or 5 mile run/walk for her senior project to raise money for cancer research. I got brave and did the 5 mile run... it was a work out but felt so good. everyone in my family except for my brother and his cute wife brandi made it and everyone in traes family were there.

My dad pushed ave in our stroller while i ran (thank goodness)..have you ever tried to run and push a stroller at the same time...not fun at all. After the run my dad wanted me to jump some hurdles for old times sake.. after i did he thought he would show me how its really done. Check out that rock star of a dad of mine... great form.

heres our little easter bunny. she is so so smiley and on the verge of giggling. i still havent gotten tired of kissing those chubby little cheeks. We forgot to get a picture of her in her cute easter dress so i'll make sure i get one this next sunday...she was pretty darn cute!! the easter bunny brought ave these cute sunglasses/baby goggles. they are pretty funny on her.

every time we go to trae's parents house trae thinks its hilarious to put these tiny grandma glasses on her. she doesn't think its near as funny however.

the rest are just for pure enjoyment. Cant get enough of her.