Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cards

got most of my christmas cards in the mail... there are still a few address that i need to get however. just because this time of year gets a little bit crazy and my mind is all over the place i decided to post it here...because lets be honest, chances are i forgot more the one person on my list. i'm so sorry if i did forget you, forgive me.

we have been so blessed this year. this year has been filled with so many memories and we've been given more than we deserve. We are lucky to have such a wonderful family and so many great friends. thank you for your examples and friendships. we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

month overview

okay, so i've already concluded that one of my top new years resolutions is to be a less pathetic blogger. we're still crossing our fingers for a new computer without a virus. yes, i love avery, but it's sad that the only updates i do is when she turns another month old. hold me to it!
update of the last month:

this last month has been a whirl-wind. cannot believe it is the middle of december already. there are so many things that i love about this time of year. i love the smell of my christmas tree, i love the snow on the grounds, i love wrapping gifts and using a little creativity to come up with budget friendly gifts, and i absolutely love getting to spend time with our families. this past weekend we went home for the webb christmas party. when we were at my parents house before the party avery found my mom's baby Jesus under her tree. she just kept kissing him and giving baby Jesus a bottle. we sat and watched her do this for almost ten minutes. it was pretty cute.

my parents came to logan yesterday to deliver our christmas present a little early. for the past few years my parents have given us food storage for our gift. it is sure a great present and i more and more thankful for it every year. i'm happy to know that we wont ever go hungry. (our christmas tree is without lights in this picture. i promise it looks better now.)


last week meag and i made a wedding cake for one of meags best friends (with a little help with some details from meags friend sammy and kell and spence, thanks). i love how this cake turned out. we still need a little help on the top real layer getting it all square and perfect looking but we are really getting the hang of everything else. here meag and i are in our 2 am glory, we got a late start on the cake, and here is the finished product.

obviously avery is 11 months old now, hence the reason i'm posting. she has been so fun this month. she is the loudest baby i know. sundays at church are sometimes a struggle with her cause she is so loud. i get a kick out of her everyday with the sounds she makes and the faces she pulls. she moo's like a cow everytime she see's one in our nativities (and any other animal that resembles a cow) and she oink's at her piggy bank. i'm also pretty sure she says ball now and loves me rolling it back and forth with her. she can blow kisses. she has said hi a few times too but its too inconsistent to consider it in her vocabulary yet. she still hasnt got a clue how to walk, except along furniture, and everytime we try to get her to stand her little legs just crumble beneath her. love this little girl and can not believe she will be a 1 year old in a few weeks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

10 months

ten (and a 1/2) months....this is a little late, computer got a virus, and i'm finally getting around to posting. ave is so much fun this month. she is learning so many new things and getting so big. being a mom to this little girl is my greatest blessing right now. i am so thankful for her everyday!

at ten months avery can.... wave hi and bye, clap, give kisses, climb up and down the stairs (which is so wonderful), walks all along furniture, dances whenever she hears music, absolutely loves the theme song to The Office, has two teeth (finally), says dada, says mama only when she's mad and crying, isn't a fan of naptime, loves eating any finger foods, loves baby Einstein, and is a mama's girl.

we love her!

well, ave and i are headed to spend a few days with meag in her new house for a few days before thanksgiving. we are so super excited.


Monday, November 2, 2009

weekend get-a-way

ave and i went on a little trip with my parents last weekend up to northern idaho to watch my sister, syd, play in her state volleyball tournament. i was of course a little stressed out about how ave would do crammed in her car seat for 10 hours, but she was a little angel. it was a short little trip but we had fun while it lasted. we left on thursday and syd's team had 2 games on friday and unfortunatly they lost both so they were out. we stayed over one more night and got up and left saturday morning so we could make it to the declo boys football playoff game in pocatello. syd also turned 16 last thursday. i am seriously jealous of how cute syd is. good luck keeping the boys away. (so many pictures again...sorry, enjoy!!)

avery loved her grandpa this weekend. every time he held her she would just cuddle up with him. he probably put her to sleep at least 5 times that day. it was cute. ellie, the coaches daughter helped kept avery entertained during the volleyball games. she didnt quite understand that avery couldn't play back but still tried bouncing or rolling the volleyball to her.

this is syd's team. not a great picture but the only good one i got. and here's my car-seat loving girls. i was seriously so happy she did so well the whole trip!!

we ate at a floating restraunt while in coeur de lane. it was a little out of our leauge. i dont think they'd had a baby in there for a while cause they kept coming over and asking us if she wanted a cracker or juice. my favorite was when the hostess came and brought avery some crayons and paper and asked if she wanted to color... right, she's 10 months old, maybe she'd like to eat the crayons.
we met up with trae at the football game. since we weren't doing anything super fun for halloween we dressed ave up in her pumpkin outfit for the game. it worked perfectly and she even sported declo hornet colors.
we've been practicing with avery how old she is going to be by holding up #1 and she has just started pointing her finger at things. i think she was just happy the team won and was stating that hornets are #1.

thanks for letting avery and i tag along mom and dad. we sure had a fun weekend!1

Monday, October 26, 2009

family pictures and stake conference

my little sister, mckell, took a few pictures of us the other day... okay like a few hundred pictures. but you know how it goes, usually only a handful of them turn out decent, especially with a little squirmy girl. here are a few that kell edited and played around with. i love how they turned out and i can't wait til she finishes editing a few more.

i cant get over avery's eyes in this picture. kell didnt even do anything to them, they really are that pretty.

this picture of avery could possible be my very favorite. she just looks so innocent and sweet.

on another note, we had stake conference yesterday and it was wonderful. one of the blessings of living in utah is that sometimes we get special guests for our conferences. yesterday President Henry B. Eyring and Elder M. Russell Ballard were at our conference. Our previous conference we had Elder Dallin H. Oaks come speak to us. I loved the messages they shared and feel so blessed to be able to listen to these special witnesses so regularly. it certainly was a delightful little treat and a wonderful experience.
thats all for now,
have a great monday night!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


its so crazy to me that avery is 9 months old. she has been so much fun lately. i'm amazed at how quickly she is learning things. she is my little copy cat. just over the past few weeks she has gone from scooting/army crawling to completely crawling and standing up on anything and walking (kinda, sorta) along the couch and other furniture. she is getting so big, so fast. but i love it. i love this stage and how much fun she is everyday. being a mom is certainly hard some days but she makes it so worth it and enjoyable. oh man, i love this girl. i love how she is the spitting image of her father. i love that she is adventurous and all over the place. i love that she is finally starting to eat real food much better. i love that she can sit and play by herself. i love that she is a momma's girl, most of the time. i love that she is finally taking a bottle after nine months. i love her blue eyes and chubby cheeks. i love that she is happy and makes us happy.

My little sister Mckell got married last week. they seriously make one good looking couple. there reception and wedding were perfect. if i could go back and do the whole get married/have a reception thing again, i would do it exactly like hers. kell and spence are so cute together. we love having them in logan with us. avery has a major crush on spencer. she gets so shy and smiley everytime she sees him. its cute. also, meag and i made kells wedding cake. it was fun, and hard, and messy, and if you didnt look to closely, it was gorgeous. it helped that there was lots of detail to hide the imperfections. anyways, heres a load of pictures from their big day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

{8 months}

well i completely missed avery's 7 month update. now its september and ave is 8 months old. can't believe it. i know i say it every month but she is growing up so fast. the past two months have been a whirlwind and she has learned so much. she had been scooting/army crawling for a few months now and just decided to start crawling for real a few weeks ago. however, she still prefers the scoot. she's had kind of a rough few weeks. she hasn't been sleeping through the night since the back packing trip (grrr) and she's been sick the past week. cold, cough, tugging at her ears. i don't know if its teething or just a cold/ear ache. everytime she has a bad week i blame it on teething. i guess that means she's been teething for a month now. anyways, the picture of her in the green is from a while ago. i haven't been able to get her to sit still or look at the camera long enough for a decent picture for her 8 month old shot. i kinda like this girl.

i've been kind of frustrated with the whole eating solids situation. she still doesn't love it. at all. i still try everyday. just a little here and there and nothing. she usually wants nothing to do it. every once and while she will devour mac and cheese, some PB & J or green beans and she always loves snacking on KIX but other than that i don't really know what to do. she'll chew on big kid foods and does okay with most finger foods when she's in the mood too. i guess i've got a stubborn gal on my hands and when she wants to eat she'll let me know. until then i'll keep trying.

this is how mobile she's getting. leave a box of diapers around and she's bound to find a way on top of it. the other day she climbed an entire flight of stairs by herself. (i was watching her of course but still. too early for that.) i dont think she'll be walking any time soon though. she has no clue what to do with her feet. the concept of one foot in front of the other hasn't clicked yet.

the rest are just cause i think she's cute.

as for other updates, trae is back in the swing of school. his last year! he's got a loaded schedule and is also prepping for the gmat that he is taking in january. with that on top of work, church, and family time i guess you could say he's pretty busy. he is such a hard worker and makes it possible for me to stay home with avery, so i am pretty blessed.

here's just a quick picture of my cute sisters (minus mckell) from labor day weekend at home. sure love these girls.