Tuesday, November 18, 2008

on the move..

Yesterday we found out that Trae did not get into business school at BYU. We are both sad about this because that was by far our best option and the best school but we decided that if he didnt get in that we would move so that he could continue his education and still get done as quickly as possible... so we are moving to Logan... in about 3-4 weeks.

I've got bittersweet feelings about the whole move.

On one hand i am so sad to be leaving because we have great friends, a great ward, i love my job, i hate moving (especially when i will be eight months pregnant), and because now i will have to find a new doctor and hope that everything transfers with my insurance and all that fun stuff.

However, on the other hand, i am excited for a change..change is good, excited to live closer to home and especially closer to my sisters, excited for cheaper rent because Provo is a total rip off, and excited to make new friends.

Anyways... its a blessing to know that everything happens for a reason and we are going to make the best of this sudden change in our lives.. lets face it.. there will be lots of changes happening in the next little while.

If anyone knows of any nice places to live in Logan that wont break the bank please let us know.

Speaking of moving however... our little lady sure knows how to thrown and elbow jab and do some mad sombersalts.. especially when i lay down for bed at night.. how convienent. i just happened to notice that the countdown is under 60 days..can you believe it!

Well. hope everyone has a great day! BYE