Monday, October 26, 2009

family pictures and stake conference

my little sister, mckell, took a few pictures of us the other day... okay like a few hundred pictures. but you know how it goes, usually only a handful of them turn out decent, especially with a little squirmy girl. here are a few that kell edited and played around with. i love how they turned out and i can't wait til she finishes editing a few more.

i cant get over avery's eyes in this picture. kell didnt even do anything to them, they really are that pretty.

this picture of avery could possible be my very favorite. she just looks so innocent and sweet.

on another note, we had stake conference yesterday and it was wonderful. one of the blessings of living in utah is that sometimes we get special guests for our conferences. yesterday President Henry B. Eyring and Elder M. Russell Ballard were at our conference. Our previous conference we had Elder Dallin H. Oaks come speak to us. I loved the messages they shared and feel so blessed to be able to listen to these special witnesses so regularly. it certainly was a delightful little treat and a wonderful experience.
thats all for now,
have a great monday night!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


its so crazy to me that avery is 9 months old. she has been so much fun lately. i'm amazed at how quickly she is learning things. she is my little copy cat. just over the past few weeks she has gone from scooting/army crawling to completely crawling and standing up on anything and walking (kinda, sorta) along the couch and other furniture. she is getting so big, so fast. but i love it. i love this stage and how much fun she is everyday. being a mom is certainly hard some days but she makes it so worth it and enjoyable. oh man, i love this girl. i love how she is the spitting image of her father. i love that she is adventurous and all over the place. i love that she is finally starting to eat real food much better. i love that she can sit and play by herself. i love that she is a momma's girl, most of the time. i love that she is finally taking a bottle after nine months. i love her blue eyes and chubby cheeks. i love that she is happy and makes us happy.

My little sister Mckell got married last week. they seriously make one good looking couple. there reception and wedding were perfect. if i could go back and do the whole get married/have a reception thing again, i would do it exactly like hers. kell and spence are so cute together. we love having them in logan with us. avery has a major crush on spencer. she gets so shy and smiley everytime she sees him. its cute. also, meag and i made kells wedding cake. it was fun, and hard, and messy, and if you didnt look to closely, it was gorgeous. it helped that there was lots of detail to hide the imperfections. anyways, heres a load of pictures from their big day.