Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 months and stuff

okay, so maybe i'm a little bit of a slacker lately.  not that she has changed that much, but i never posted a picture or 4 month old (blurry) jane, so here it is for memories sake.
and here she is today. 5 months old and getting big fast.  she still isn't rolling over but is rather content and happy most of the time.  honestly, i haven't even scheduled her 4 month old appointment (on my to-do list this week) so i don't know what she weighs and those types of things, but she is healthy, and happy, and so cute.
other than jane turning a month older (as if those things matter to people other than her mama), and in rather old news, chase and meag blessed baby claire a few weeks ago.  it was lovely spending the day with them and snuggling their baby.  
(the girls in the family that made it that day, we missed you kell, joc & raigen)

i've got to get better at actually getting my nice real camera out of the cupboard and snapping some pics.  its just too dang convenient to have a decent phone camera, and unfortunately that's where most of my pics get taken from. like i said before, i kinda like instagram.  here are a few recent pictures from my phone/instagram.

and we might as well finish off with a few cute faces from this little thing.  bah, she gets every time.