Monday, November 7, 2011

thankful for....

lets be honest, there really was no chance i would update my blog daily so here is my thankful list for the past week.

november 2
my husband! i remember thinking while we were dating and when he was on his mission how lucky i would be if i could marry trae jones, not really thinking it would happen, but hoping it would.  then it did, and it's true, i am lucky.  we certainly have our disagreements and differences, just like most couples, but i love what that brings to our marriage and how close we have grown together because we've had to work for a successful, happy marriage.  most days he is my better half.  i am so thankful that we were sealed for eternity 5 short years ago, thankful that he has given me 2 beautiful daughters, and thankful that he is mine!

november 3
my rocking chair!  i am a little embarrassed about how many hours i have spent in this chair over the last month.  miss jane and i have become very acquainted with it lately and i love it.  my parents gave it to us a few years ago and it is bar-none my favorite piece of furniture i own.  i am thankful for it when i am up in the middle of the night feeding jane or rocking avery and reading her countless books each day.  it is comfy and perfect.  before you have kids, get yourself one, you will be so thankful you did.

november 4
the holy ghost!  i rely on this companionship daily as a mother and wife.  it provides me with the guidance and comfort that i need on this earthly journey, especially on days that i don't feel worthy of it.  how awesome is it that we can receive personal revelation and promptings from the holy ghost to help us achieve what we came to earth to do, and all we have to do is listen and then act.  pretty cool. and i am so thankful for it.

november 5
good books! i never was much of a reader growing up and i regret it.  there are so many good books out there and so much we can learn from them.   i rarely read a book i don't love, mostly because i only read books that come with strong recommendations.  i love so many books, but i am most thankful for this book.  it's my favorite, but thats probably another thankful post in itself.

november 6
seasons! it is so cold today, not something i am particularly thankful for, but after living in another country  where there is no variation during the year i am so grateful for changing seasons.  each season brings something so beautiful and new and needed.  my most favorite season is fall.  

november 7
sports/exercise!  i start playing city league volleyball tonight.  i am so far from being in shape but i'm thankful for the opportunities i have been given to play and be active. sports have always been such a big and important part of my life.  i have so many good memories of playing sports, and a few not so pleasant ones.  i feel that through sports my dad taught me how to work hard, and that has blessed me in so many other areas of my life.  i am not a faithful exerciser but enjoy the chances that i have to be active and stay healthy and somewhat in-shape.

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