Tuesday, June 19, 2012


my birthday was a few weekends ago.  i wanted cafe rio so we packed the car and headed to twin.  ave got a happy meal and we got our rio then headed down to the twin falls canyon for a little picnic relaxation.  trae and jane napped and ave and i explored.  it was such a good day.

 i love my cheesy girls.
ave is set and happy with a chicken nugget in one hand and chocolate milk in the other.  jane is just happy.

after a day in twin my friend meg invited us over for the best brownies and ice cream.  it was a good day.

i didn't even get around to writing my annual birthday-shout-out-post to my favorite twin sister, and we are seriously lacking on recent pictures of just the two of us.  here's one from this last weekend during ragnar relay.  but i don't really need a lengthy post to explain how thankful i am for her... cause i don't have the words to say it. and i don't need to say how seriously awesome she is... cause that won't do her justice. she really is that great. love you meag! 

memorial day

i'm here, playing catch up....my least favorite game. but i would regret it if it didn't get done.  so in few words, and lots of pictures, here goes.

memorial day weekend: avery loves her uncles (and her not pictured aunts). and we love having them around, except for the fact that after they leave avery wants us to act like dogs and buy her cool pets and movies and things like that, because thats what her cool aunts and uncles do.  trae's grandpa and grandma have a big memorial day lunch with all of gramps siblings and kids.  lots of fried chicken, shasta pop and ice cream sandwiches.  it was a good time until our car kinda got stolen.  turns out an distant extended family member that has demetia jumped in our car and drove away with it. we were lucky that nothing happened to him or it and that we found it later.  and its comical now that i think of it.

and jane is just pleasant pretty much all the time.

after lunch we went to swimming at Nat-Soo-Pah with trae's brothers and sister.  i'm quite a fan of warm water swimming pools.  avery loves swimming as long as her head is above water... which was near impossible when going down the slide and resulted in her inhaling a little too much water, but drew and mace took good care of her.  

and two more just cause i think she is cute.  peek-a-boo and her first ice cream cone.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

life lately

in no correct order, this is a little of what we have been up to.

trae's cousin bryce got married. here are the 6 boy cousins all the same age.
this handsome guy graduated from college with his mba. i bought him a new suit for the occasion. however, he chose to go to the said wedding instead of walking. suit worked great for that as well
 love having me a handy, hardworking husband doing double duty. plus, the girls love it.
 we are loving the warm summer weather. popsicles and lots of outside time.
 except this one is afraid of the water.  seriously hates getting wet.  gonna be a long, hot summer.
 my girls on mothers day.  so happy i get to be their mom.
 my mom playing with the kids at our mothers day bbq. love her.
favorite things girls night. so much fun and so many new favorite things.
 jane has found a new best friend.  and sprouted her first tooth without me even knowing. sweet thing.
oops.  mom forgot sunscreen.

we are just enjoying having trae home from school now, and loving the warm summer weather.  we have little busy summer that is just beginning and i can't wait.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

6 months

you can usually count on a post from me at least once a month. lame, i know. even if this little monthly update is a few weeks overdue, i figured i would at least finish 6 months... i'll maybe stop after this one, maybe not.
i love this picture of her. 

here is a little side by side comparison.  they certainly have their similarities to me.  some days i swear i am looking at avery as a baby, other times they have their own look, but they are out of the same mold, thats for sure.
this is short and sweet, but i love my girls. 
glad they're mine, forever.
the end.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter round-up

For me easter can go one of two ways each year depending on the weather.  we got lucky this year and it was every bit of enjoyable as i had hoped.  we started our day in Raft River with the big webb family.  the family has changed so much and there are so many new little babies and kids running around.  our mom's are now grandmas and we keep the kiddo's coming.  its crazy, no doubt, but so good to get together the chances we can.
ave had so much fun on the big easter egg hunt.  every time she found a piece of candy hidden she would say, "i just can not believe this, i can't believe it." or, "i am just so anxious about this," (she has no clue what anxious means), and kept wanting to get extra candy for her (imaginary) friends, shelly, kelly, ellie, fetch, and gracie meadow.  she's a serious crack up.

after that party we went to my parents house and had a little hot-dog roast, dyed eggs, and played games.

ave woke up to some gifts from the easter bunny.  i swear i could give this girl a single jelly bean and she would be pretty happy, but she was super pleased with her  loot this year.

we had matt try to snap a quick family picture before church.  getting a decent picture with 2 busy kids and 2 adults who must blink more than normal is difficult.  hopefully i can find a really good one in there but for now these will do.

we ended the day at my G&G Garrard's house for dinner.
i think i could rival just about anyone about having the best grandparents out there. they're hard to beat.
and even though we tend to celebrate Easter for all the wrong reason, i truly am grateful for my Savior's atonement above all else.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 months and stuff

okay, so maybe i'm a little bit of a slacker lately.  not that she has changed that much, but i never posted a picture or 4 month old (blurry) jane, so here it is for memories sake.
and here she is today. 5 months old and getting big fast.  she still isn't rolling over but is rather content and happy most of the time.  honestly, i haven't even scheduled her 4 month old appointment (on my to-do list this week) so i don't know what she weighs and those types of things, but she is healthy, and happy, and so cute.
other than jane turning a month older (as if those things matter to people other than her mama), and in rather old news, chase and meag blessed baby claire a few weeks ago.  it was lovely spending the day with them and snuggling their baby.  
(the girls in the family that made it that day, we missed you kell, joc & raigen)

i've got to get better at actually getting my nice real camera out of the cupboard and snapping some pics.  its just too dang convenient to have a decent phone camera, and unfortunately that's where most of my pics get taken from. like i said before, i kinda like instagram.  here are a few recent pictures from my phone/instagram.

and we might as well finish off with a few cute faces from this little thing.  bah, she gets every time.