Monday, March 30, 2009

what i love...

In another week Miss Avery will be three months old. I certainly don't like that she is growing up so fast. I saw a tiny baby at church on Sunday and i dont think i remember Ave being that little. However i do love all the little things she is starting to do and i love the little personality that she is getting. I love how she smiles all the time and how she talks to us in her on little language. I love how she is sleeping through the night most nights and has been since she was about 7 weeks old. I love how she lights up every time her daddy kisses her and plays with her. I love the little noises she makes everytime after she sneezes. I love that she is finally starting to tolerate her car seat..sometimes. I love that she is a healthy and happy baby. I love how cheerful she is when she wakes up in the morning and from a good nap. I love that she is getting little rolls all over her cute body. I love that i have someone to keep me company while trae is gone everyday at work and school and i love that i have a reason to wake up everyday and someone who makes me happy! Aunt Rachel loves little Avery. She wants to play with her and hold her all the time...even when Ave is not being very nice. Avery got lucky to have so many cute aunts that love her so much. I dont think there is enough time for everyone to love on her enough. Since Avery hasnt been the biggest car seat fan i tried putting her in her stroller sitting up and she loved it. Just look at those cheeks...she is hard not to love!

on another note.. General Conference is this weekend and i am so excited. I love that we have the opportunity to listen to the leaders of our church for two full days and that we get to receive so much counsel from them.

what do you love today?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

just a few more...

i know the only thing i post about these days are pictures of Avery... thats pretty much all we've been up to lately. Hopefully we will do something eventful during spring break..which starts on Monday. We are headed home for a few days then on to Las Vegas with Trae's fam to watch the Mountain West basketball tourney and us girls can do some shopping and relaxing. This first picture is of the rocking horse that Avery got for a baby shower we had two weeks ago. It is so amazing. A guy in our ward, who is like a grandpa to us, made this for her. My mom said that this is something that my grandkids will be using.

This is just to show you how chubby Ave is getting. I think this picture is hilarious of her. We love her cheeks and chins. She sure is a healthy baby.

Meag is holding her nephew Grayson who is just a few weeks younger that Avery. I cant believe the size difference. Its amazing what a few weeks does. Also, Meag and i swithced hair colors that day. She is dark now and i am blonde... its still kinda weird.

Just thought this was a cute pic of Avery sportin Kell's sunglasses.

As for trae and i, we are loving logan and trae is doing very well in school. Its so nice to be so close to our families and we get to see them lots more. Its finally starting to warm up and we love it!! springtime is certainly one of my favorites. hope everyone has a great week!!

Avery's blessing

We blessed Avery last Sunday. It was a great day. We were so lucky to have so many people come to Logan to support us and see Ave. She was such a happy little girl that day. She was so smiley. My grandpa Garrard said that he kept peeking at her when Trae was giving her the blessing and everytime he said something new she would get a big smile on her face. I know that she is still so close to her Heavenly Father and that she somehow knew how special that day was. We love our little Avers.

The first picture is of everyone who came to her blessing, minus Meag and Chase who had to leave before lunch. The second is of Trae's family and his Grandma and Grandpa Coltrin. The third is of everyone who stood in on Averys blessing except for Chase and the last picture is a five generation picture. We love our families so much and are so blessed to have so much love and support!!