Monday, March 22, 2010

and everything else

this is the last set of pictures i promise...

if only you could see how many pictures we actually took. this last set is just of the other things that we did while in cali. most of these are taken at the resort that we stayed at. my dad and his brothers have time shares at the lawrence welk resort. we are so happy that our parents invited us marrieds to tag along with them all week. we had a great time and we're so lucky to have had perfect weather.. 80-85 all week long. we sure didnt want to come back. we went swimming, played water and sand volleyball, went golfing, layed out, played tennis... the kinds of things that make a completely fabulous week. anyways, it was great. thanks mom and dad, we love you!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

wednesday-the beach

on wednesday we spent the day at the beach and in down-town san diego. syd, rach, and avery were the only ones really prepared for the beach but we all had a ball. little miss avery absolutely loved every minute of the beach. she crawled around the sand forever tasting anything her little hands could get ahold of. she makes a super cute beach bum if you ask me.


disneyland was absolutley wonderful...naturally. wish i had all the other pictures from the other cameras but this will do. we had a great time. i dont think the boys were as mentally prepared as the girls. we were totally ready for long lines and had super fun regardless, they on the otherhand got a little worn out and bored after a long day but we all had a blast. ave did pretty good for the most part. she really didnt have a clue what was going on and obviously didnt get to do too much. it worked out perfectly though cause trae and i still got to ride all the intense fun rides thanks to my pregnant sister meagan who didnt ride very many rides and watched ave for us. thank you. thank you. thank you. meag. ave loved having two moms for a whole week... not gonna lie, i enjoyed it too.