Tuesday, April 12, 2011


that was a nice little suprise to have trae make his debut on our blog. i'm so happy to have those things written down so i always remember the good and bad about brasil, although i doubt i could forget most of them, and he said it much better than i could have. however, don't believe everything he says, i'm not a saint and complain my fair share and have breakdowns just like the rest of them. i. love. that. man.  

it has been so rainy and overcast here. i'm quite enjoying it but it would be nice for a little sunshine to peek through every once and a while so our clothes would dry (we hang dry here)... i'm kinda tired or damp towels and jeans. 

we thought a little weekend get-a-way would be nice to a beach we hadn't been to yet. some friends of ours invited us along to a beach house of theirs and it was lovely.  it rained the whole time. we camped out in the ocean during the rain storms cause the water felt much warmer than the sand.  pretty sure avery sang "rain rain, go away" continuously for a good half hour with high hopes it would actually make the rain go away---it always works for Dora.  it was raining cats and dogs and was still so, warm made me wish thats how idaho weather was.  this little one loved every second of it.

can not get over that cute bum and two little braids.

we usually love the rain.  it gives us a little break from the scorching sun.  however, the family that we went with shared their feelings of rain and now it kinda makes me wish it never rained, for their case and nearly everyone else in the favela (ghetto).  Every time it rains their whole house fills with about a 2+ feet of rain. they lay pallets on the ground and walk around on those until the water subsides. can you even imagine living like that for about 4 months out of the year, if not more.  their walls are corroding and always start to mold.  i certainly wouldn't have the patience to deal with that.  they never even complain about it, just say its a trial they've learned to deal with. now every time it rains i worry about them and wonder how they do it and how we can help. every day i am here i find something i am thankful for and blessed with that i once overlooked. these people are pretty amazing.

on another note, we also went to a little birthday party for my mother in laws portuguese tutor's daughter (get that?) last week.  i probably could have bought a used car with what they spent on the party. people with money don't go small here. ave was in birthday party heaven. it took me a good day to set her straight that this was not her birthday party and that she didn't get to blow out the candles.  lots of treats, a party hat, a few arcade games later and avery was just happy to be there.  

can you believe they are brasilian?  they look so american to me, and it is so refreshing to meet someone whiter that me.


Macey Jones said...

nothin like a few adorable pictures of ave to make my day. thanks for that.

also, i miss the warm rain-still haven't gotten used to the FREEZING cold raindrops that hit my arms everytime it rains here.

miss you lis!

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

Ave is such a doll, I can't believe how big she is!!!! I was kinda M.I.A. For a bit lol!!! When will u guys b back..?..? I miss u tons!!!! U need to call me so we can chat it up!!! 801-528-8055 love ya chicka!!!

Rebekah said...

How fun to just be able to go to the beach...and I agree, that sandy bum and pig tails are too much to handle!! By the way, that was SO sweet of your husband to write that about you, I am happy that you are in good hands!
love, Rebekah

Abby Rae said...

That little bum is adorable...I love how in every picture Avery is just loving life. She seems like such a happy little thing!