Monday, April 4, 2011

oh avery

i'm at a lack of things to blog about right now, so here are some of my favorite recent avery-isms.

me- i love you avery
ave- i love you too
me- i love you more
ave- i love you lots more
me- i love you this much (stretching my arms wide)
ave- i love you as much as the twinkle twinkle little stars

okay, you win!

tonight during prayers after she blessed mom and dad and grandmas and grandpas and all her dolls plenty of times, she said, "thank you for blessings, thank you for prophet, thank you for jesus's blood and that him died from us." 

somethings sticking in that growing little brain of hers

that baby girl needs her bottle (she doesn't even drink a bottle)
that kittycat needs to play with playdough
that baby fell off the bed
that princess needs help up
that monkey needs a drink of chocolate milk. 
that little girl is hot.

the first time she said this i seriously started looking around for one of her dolls, thinking she was talking about them. nope, thats how she refers to herself multiple times a day. where did that come from?
  nomally its hilarious but 'that baby girl' might be wearing out her welcome.

"oh my goodness. i freak out."

"hi Morg and Mal. Yeah! i am so happy to see you."

occasionally she chews small pieces of gum, but i told her if she swallows it she will get a sick belly.  the other day she was chewing gum, swallowed it and said "oh no, now i have a belly sick."
she is hilarious and smart and sassy -- and i love her.


meag said...

i might have just read, then re-read, and read again that post. just because its hilarious and darling in all sorts of ways. come home and see me little silly girl.

Rebekah said...

how cute! Her eyes are SO piercing blue, so pretty! her little quotes are just darling, she is real smart!
love, Rebekah

katie/nick said...

so cute!! i can't believe how big she is!!can't wait to meet this grown up girl!!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

you have to just love the kids things say! they are so honest and funny. her eyes are gorgeous too!!! Just like her mommy's! miss you!