Friday, April 22, 2011

easter eggs

hard boiled easter eggs remind me of my grandma webb in every way.  i'm sure she made over 100 each year and carefully hid them, along with a plethora of candy, through-out her entire yard.  she would stand at the door and watch her large family scramble through the lawn and trees and garden looking for goodies, but there was  now way she was letting you sneak more than your share . i'm sure i didnt notice how happy watching her 6 kids and all their children running in the raft river wind on a mad easter egg hunt made her then, but i can only imagine now.  she must have slaved away for hour preparing her yard and house for such a big family get together.  we would go home with enough candy and eggs to last us half the year. i miss those days and cant wait to have traditions like that in our own family. 

 it might be a little premature to have big candy hunt with a 2 year old but we can sure enjoy the easter egg decorating tradition.  i could eat hard boiled eggs every day of the year and they're that much more enticing when they're pretty.  we went fairly traditional this year but i did try out this technique, just ate the egg before the camera got to it. next year i am hitting up the DI and silk-dying eggs.  how do you like to color eggs?

i told ave to smile like a princess and show me her egg. at least she nailed the princess part.  i really didnt want a princess obsessed little girl but is there really any way to avoid it.  today we went to the "princess park" used "princess toilet paper" ate "princess food" wore a "princess dress" and nearly anything else you can imagine with the word princess in front of.  we keep things quite magical here.

if we can kick the sickness that has spread and re-spread through our house we will have a great easter weekend.  if not, we might just have a lazy one.  hope yours is fantastic!


meag said...

well of course she's going to be a princess. and a dang cute one at that. you are a pro at coloring easter eggs, they turned out fabulous. good work sista

Macey Jones said...

the two year old i spend my days with does everything "pincenns" too. ave sure has the princess thing down. wish i could be with you guys this easter....oh well. the good news? i'll see ya'll in two months. love you lis.

We Joneses said...

I totally understand! Never really liked the disney princess marketing. But like you said, pretty much unavoidable. Hazel's only seen the first few minutes of beauty and the beast and now every easter basket is 'just like belle!' I love Ave's face in that picture.