Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

we're having a great little easter.  ave woke up this morning so ready to see what the easter bunny brought her.  it keeps getting more fun for her the more she understands about holidays, and it makes it so much more fun for me too.  look at all those emotions.  its not even worth me begging her to smile anymore, she does just fine coming up with faces on her own. 

(i know, all these nearly identical pictures arent necessary, i couldn't resist)

but dont really let those pictures fool you, this is what she really looks and feels like today.  her poor little sick eyes make me want to cry, snuggle her, and give her anything her heart desires. we skipped out on church today, which i kinda hate to do, especially on Easter Sunday, but this little chick wasn't up for much. her immune system has been on a rollercoaster the last week or so.  our house hasn't been 100% for a while now and its just keeps spreading around. honestly, i'm getting sick of it. we'll save the cute easter dresses for weeks to come.

here's a few little fun things we did for easter prep.  

i really do love easter. and while the candy, scavengar hunts and gifts are fabulous, i mostly love how much it makes me think about our Savior and the Atonement.  What a blessing the gospel is in my life. As i think about the past year and the challenges that i've had and the opportunities i've been given to grow i know that the Lord's hand constantly is in my life.  He knows what is best for me and He loves me.  All i have to do my very best, but even some days that doesnt cut it.  If i just put my trust in Him and rely on that faith, He'll help me the rest of the way, and i know everything will always be all right.  And that is amazing to me.

Happy Easter!

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meag said...

Hey Sis those are adorable little faces.hope she is feeling better. We stayed an extra night at kathys so we'll be back tonight. Love you