Saturday, October 30, 2010

this time of year

It feels like the perfect fall day her in brasil,  but I have a feeling that wont happen too often considering its nearly summer here. I surely have been enjoying the rain and overcast skies- which seem to last approximately 1 hour a day. No copmplaining here though, we’ll take what we can get, even if our fall only lasts a few hours a day.

I’ve been a little homesick lately (okay, that’s a lie, I’m always a little bit homesick). Not because I miss my small Idaho town and my family, which I do of course, but because its getting to be that time of year where nearly everything you do revolves around family and traditions and because fall is my most favorite season. we are however, looking forward to starting some more of our own family tradtions. Its halloween time now. not a choice favorite, but it means fall is here. We were never big halloweeners at the webb home but we sure enjoyed ourselves a good dose of trick or treating. We used to hit every house possible in the way-too-spread-out streets of raft river with more kids than should be allowed to be pile one car and ended up with more candy than our little tummies knew what to do with.  We'd then go home and barter and trade our remaining candies and then eat as much as we could before mom got ahold of us.

 Now, i'm still not a big halloween fan, but i want my little girl to have those same kind of memories as i now have... although i doubt any traditions made at this age will stick- since her rapidly growing brain cant remember what she ate for breakfast, let alone what she dressed up as for halloween this year.

Thankfully, Brasil celebrates halloween, so we were allowed to have a little bit of fun. Its different and there is certainly no trick or treating going on around here, far too dangerous for those types of activities, but the American school where the Jones kids go, threw a halloween party for their families. Ave dressed up in her over-priced (man i miss my sewing machine and local DI) minnie mouse costume and we were off to her first ever halloween extravaganza.  i dont think she had a clue what was going on but she loved to twirl in her minnie skirt, wanted to kiss the witches and thought that anyone with a mask on was a 'funny guy.'  She was pretty solemn and wouldn't crack a smile or look at the camera if her young life depended on it but she was cute in her littel costume nonetheless.

have a happy halloween!!


McKell Webb said...

those were fun Halloween memories. We miss you too Mel. PS Avey youre looking mighty fine as minnie. I wish you were here to come trick or treat at my house tonight because Aunt Kell would LOVE to fill your belly with goodies. Love you guys

meag said...

cute post,as always sister. avery looks adorable as miss minnie, i would however...would have really loved to see a big huge cheeser that i know she is fully capable of to go along with the adorable outfit!! soon soon sis, you will be home and it will again be like you never left. until then, i love u and miss u too.

Greg~Chels~Livi~Gracie said...

Miss Avery is absolutely adorable!! And after going trick-or-treating with Livi tonight, it was freezing so we left Grace with Grandma, I was a little jealous of the warmth there! But fall is nice!! We miss you guys!

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

Super cute!!! Aww!!! She is a doll!!!! How is Brasil Treating you!?

katie/nick said...

Oh miss minnie is adorable even if she is not willing to give a smile for the camera!! was wearing a no i'm not sure i could ever pull that blonde of hair off!! and no my hair isn't growing very fast darn it..

Heather Favre said...

I LOVED that you used to barter and trade candy. I wish I was in a huge family like the Webb's! So fun. Avery looked so adorable!