Friday, October 1, 2010


we made it back to brasil safely last week after a fabulous 3 week visit home.  now we are finding ourselves adjusting to this place all over again, and in different ways.  our visit home was so great, our schedules were free and we found ourselves doing lots of relaxing and running around.  but, 3 weeks was far too long to be away from the Mr. and ave and i wont attempt that again anytime soon.

we came back to brasil to a new home.  its nice and simple.  and in simple i mean a bathroom and few bedrooms.  not even a kitchen,  but we're working on that part. since the inlaws live in a hotel, and we live in a kitchenless apt. we eat out for every.single.meal.  never thought i would dislike eating out but after about the 2nd day i was craving a good home cooked meal.  i wont tell you how many times we've had mcdonalds for dinner since i've been back but it was for dinner tonight and uhhh....for dinner last night as well, and when we came upstairs to eat avery looked at her dinner and said 'chicken nuggets and french fries,' if that gives you any idea.  i can feel the greasy pounds piling on as i type (and finish off my cheeseburger). 

we don't live right on the beach anymore so i dont find myself walking out the door and across the street to play in the sand and the sun, and its not super safe where we live so i can't just strap the girl in her stroller and go for a walk... so i'm on the look out for ways to entertain the little misses, but she sure is a busy one and keeps me on my toes. today she figured out how to open all the windows upstairs so she could wave to the cars driving by. oh the joys.

 it is nice, however, to have our own little place and some privacy, and it is nice to have trae working downstairs. i can sneak down there as often as i'd like to say hi, or tell him i need a 5 minute avery break, or ask him to come upstairs and play with us for a few minutes.  this place has its perks. 

yes, life is still different here and we're still getting used to it, but it cant be that bad when i've got these two with me everyday.  my chocolate-milk loving girl keeps we lauging and busy, and my sweet, handsome husband keeps me sane and patient. 


Hill said...

Glad to see you made it back safely. I bet Trae was happy to have his girls back with him. Sad that we missed you. We were headed out when you were coming in. We will have to Skype you soon. If you get bored give us a ring the kids and I are usually always home.

Abby Rae said...

I love that picture! It is so sweet. I hope you get adjusted to everything soon. I seriously hate eating out every meal, I had to do it one summer for about a month and I felt my body just get I know what you mean.

I was soooo glad you came to see me! Even if I looked like a homeless person :)

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

Yay, I'm glad you made it home safely and I'm so so so glad I got to spend your last day here with you! Thanks for hanging out...sorry Wyatt was a meany and possessive. We're working on that. Avery is a doll and I hope we get to see you when you come home for Christmas!!! Love you!

Sammy said...

oh she's too cute! glad that you made it back safely, sounds like it was a great time

We Joneses said...

That is a gorgeous picture. I just checked out a book from the library that had tons of great ideas for indoor activities!! Now if only I can remember them ... haha. I'll send you a facebook message with some links to fun things. Maybe you can get a george forman or something?! then you could cook a little! haha.