Friday, October 8, 2010

my sister emailed this over to me the other day and i am loving every second of it. my dads super cheesy smile mixed with averys super crooked grin, their funny shades, averys raggity-ann look, the thought that they were just about to go on an hour long motorcycle ride, and how happy they look together.  this little avery loves her grandpa.  i was worried how she was going to do with my family after spending so much time with my in-laws, but she didnt even skip a beat. it was like she just picked up where she left off and had a ball.  she's been rather fond of my dad since she was born and my dad has always had such a special way with her. they have quite the little connection.  oh how i love those two. 


McKell Webb said...

WOW...this is the cutest. I love our Dad..and Ave.

meag said...

hahaha...i love that. and i love those two too. so sweet.