Thursday, October 21, 2010

right now

 i don't know what got more paint, the paper, the table, or the girl. either way it kept her busy for over an hour and has now become a daily activity.  i loved watching her be so focused on one thing.  usually, she begins an activity until her eye catches her books or a toy and then were off to the next adventure.  i love watching her be creative and learning to do new things.  that little mind of hers has been in overdrive lately.  she suprises me everyday with the things she comes up with.

  i have lists in almost every notebook in the house and every spare paper i find about the new things she says or does.  instead of wasting more paper i'll jot down a few things that i've been loving about her right now:

she sings her abc's with a little guidance

counts like this- 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 10 11 12.  usually its just a jumble of those but yesterday it was that exact sequence

knows the colors- green, blue, pink, yellow and sometimes orange.

sings the cutest versions of twinkle twinkle and the wheels on the bus

goes poop in the potty 85% of the time

speaks using the cutest, simplest sentances like- "where papa go, huh?'' or "watch movie on dvd player."
what would my life be like with out this little fireball. well, right now, i dont have a kitchen to cook in, or a sewing machine to be creative with, or even bathrooms to clean. i feel quite unproductive most days and wish i had 'things' to keep me more busy. but then i stop and think about it, and the one 'thing' i have in my life that keeps me busy all day is the greatest blessing in my life, and how awesome is it that she gets my (mostly) undivided attention all. day. long.
her ability to find joy in the simplest things helps me remember what is most important to me. so right now, i'm going to enjoy this stage of our lives, (and enjoy not having a house to clean while i'm at it).


Curtis and Whitney Giles said...

okay, she is a smarty pants!! What is your secret on the potty?? I need to know!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

i wish i didn't have a house to clean. haha. I talked to meag the other day. It's official...we are all getting together when you come again! Ok...miss you! Avery is precious!

Heather Favre said...

Teach her how to scrapbook!

katie/nick said...

oh my heck..she is a smarty pants!!well you should start making a parenting handbook while you're not cleaning a house and give it to us cuz we're gonna need it!!

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

She is such a doll!!! Your such a good mommy!! She is such a smarty from what I read from your posts!! I miss you chicka!!!

MegiJones said... seem to have great perspective. I am trying harder to let things like house cleaning and keeping up with all of the other creative moms around here go by the wayside and just spend time with my kids. I'm sure it gets long sometime, but keep on enjoying it cuz it will be over all too soon.