Monday, June 1, 2009

we're 23

well duh, i just got done reading meags blog and i dont think there is any way i'm topping that post so i'm totally not even gonna try... (but read it,my feelings are mutual)
what i can say is that hands down i have the most amazing, talented, outgoing, healthy, in shape, gorgeous (etc, etc..) twin sister ever.
i freaking love her.
where in the world does the time go though..honestly.
seems like just yesterday we gangly, awkward jr. highers. (those were good days)
meag is quite the gal..i'll tell you what.
so amazing i named my first daughter after her.
23 years ago i met my very, very, best friend. seriously. cant imagine life with out her.
she cries, i cry. she laughs, i laugh.
i'm so blessed to have had an automatic best friend my whole life. i guess i didn't really have a choice but if i did, i would have chose this gal.. i just love her.
honestly, i could probably type and type all day and still not many people could understand the kind of relationship we have. but let me tell rocks!
we've been through a lot together, she and i...
boyfriends, girlfriends, sports, school, moving, college, a divorce (our own), marriages, a kid.
23 years worth of stuff (thats a pretty long time).
and i'm so happy i got to do it all with you.
meag, i love you.
thanks for 23 amazing years.
lets make this one a good one.
starting tomorrow.
happy birthday sister!

(i'm totally stealing a few pictures off her blog cause i don't have any on this computer)


Heather Favre said...

happy birthday lis!!! you and meag are so cute!

meag said...

your my favorite. my very very favorite. happy birthday.
love you.

Abby Rae said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's the best!

Lauren Tatton said...

Happy birthday girly! You are so cute Im glad to have you both in my life! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! What a great time in our lives! love ya! Happy 23!

Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday! You two are so lucky to have each other. You girls both said the sweetest things about each other in your posts...I hope to see you both soon!
love, Rebekah

Curtis and Whitney Giles said...

Happy Birthday!! I wish we lived close again so our babies could play and so could we.

MegiJones said...

Happy birthday! What sweet posts you guys left about each other. You both realize just how blessed you are to have each other and that is so sweet. There is nothing like having your best friend and sister all wrapped into one.

Chris and Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!