Saturday, June 13, 2009

silly girl

i usually get one of two things when i'm trying to take a picture of avery.

1. her chewing on her bottom lip....


2. her hands in her mouth.

she cracks me up all day long. seriously.

she's 5 months old now. my goodness. 5 whole months. happy to say that she is still filling out. i love this chubby little girl. here's a few things she's been up to.

- still sleeping through the night. YEAH!
-sitting up.. well, at least trying. (see picture below)
- not loving solids. she gets a few bites down, but thats about all. we've only tried rice cereal and oatmeal so maybe we'll try fruits or veggies soon.
- still wont even think about sucking on a binky or taking a bottle. (stubborn girl)
-smiling and giggling all the time
- fake crying. if we dont pay attention to her she starts the hilarious fake cry.
-screaming and squealing all day. not the i'm ticked off scream, the 'hey, i'm funny and i like hearing myself all the time' kind of a scream/squeal.
-loves, loves being outside.
- she could listen and watch her dad play guitar all day long. so cute.
-goes down for naps and bed all by herself and is usaully asleep within 5-10 minutes.
-rolling over from belly to back. she doesn't roll too often and hasn't really even attempted the back to belly yet. i guess she's just a content baby.
-growing up way too fast.

love, love, love her!!


meag said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER too. she is so stinkin cute. hahahaha. she makes me giggle. kiss her for me.

Rebekah said...

she is so adorable! and even more so in person:) she was so fun to hold, and i love how smiley she is...such a cute baby:)
love, Rebekah

Chris and Kristen said...

She is so cute cute meag! Crazy how time flies. I love her outfit by the way. Pretty in Pink as always.

Krissy said...

Have you tried mixing banana's with the rice ceral. that was the only way I could get ellie to EVER eat ceral. And yes she is so cute and I love cute chubby babies that are so happy. She is adorable.

katie said...

She is so cute!! I love how easy it is to make her smile even when funny lookin Nick tries to make her smile! I loved her squeals today in church!