Monday, June 22, 2009

i know i'm a day late but i just wanted to quickly let these boys know how much i love them!

trae is such an amazing dad. probably the best. he loves his little avery so much. i just love watching those two together. she lights up whenever she sees him. so cute. i probably don't tell him this enough..but thanks for all you do for our family. i sure love you!!

and then there's this guy. i've been so blessed with the greatest dad. i don't even know what to say or where to begin. he is amazing. hands down one of the greatest, most spiritual, funny, supportive, loving, determined, patient (etc. etc.) people i know. thanks for all you do dad. i wouldn't be where i am and who i am now if it wasn't for you. i love you!

i couln't find a picture of my father-in-law but i hope he knows how much i love him. he is such a good dad and grandpa. i love seeing how much his kids love him and look up to him. i really am blessed to have such amazing men in my life.

stay tuned for a post and our wasatch back experience. so fun!


Chris and Kristen said...

I love those pictures of Trae and Avery together. So cute!

Krissy said...

you do have a pretty amazing Dad. You are deffinately only lucky girl!