Thursday, January 5, 2012

holiday overload

its come and gone and we've enjoyed every second of this holiday season.  i was glad that our christmas wasn't crammed with too many festivities so that we could really relax and enjoy everything without feeling overwhelmed and busy.  Trae's family was all here visiting so we had a houseful. it was great to be altogether and to have his parents and sisters home from brazil for a while.
christmas eve was spent at my grandpa and grandmas.  it had been many years since the grandkids dressed up as the nativity scene so the young grandkids and a few great fancied up for an updated nativity picture.  we get spoiled with shon hings and shrimp cocktail (yuck), on top of the regular christmas feast.

we went caroling before christmas.  caroling with this jones family isn't like regular caroling.  they do 3 part harmony songs, have official practices, and blow the socks off of those lucky enough to be visited.  i don't quite belong with the bunch in this regard, therefore i always sing melody or hum softly in the background.  after christmas the jones crew went up to my families house in ogden valley to relax and go skiing.  it was a lovely little escape.
 christmas day was quite dreamy with an almost 3 year old.  i think i was more excited for christmas morning that anyone else.  being a parent and seeing your kids faces light up is priceless.  i love having christmas day on sunday.  sometimes it hard to focus on the true meaning of christmas with all the hype of gifts and parties but with christmas sunday we get one solid hour of feeling the spirit and remembering Christ.

 we headed out to my parents after church and talking to Davis in Romania to spend time with the Garrards.  Jane is so sweet and smily and i'd say she greatly enjoyed her first christmas.

now it's all over and we are slowly unwinding and preparing for whats next.  Jane gets blessed in church on sunday plus it's miss Avery's 3rd birthday.  three.years.old. 
goodness time flies.


Anonymous said...

oh my, what a beautiful family...
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oneworld said...

Amazing pics....