Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a birthday

miss avery turned 3 yesterday.  three years old looks cute on her, she just never slows down enough for us to capture that.  after christmas she was dying for a few more princess barbies to finish off her collection. thanks to grandmas and aunts she almost has the complete set.  and she is pretty happy and entertained.  as a mom and dad we could just sit back and go light on birthdays because she ends up getting so spoiled, but it ends up being so much fun for us too.  She is my princess girl.  completely obsessed with all things princess.  i tried to avoid it as much as possible, but i guess its time for me to embrace the fact that she loves it so much and those silly things make her so happy.  she'd been asking for a barbie cake for so long.  she freaked out a little when she realized we were actually gonna stick a barbie in her cake.  she did not want her beloved barbie to get dirty. but, i stuck a big bowl of sugary frosting in front of her and she forgot all about it.  here she is in all her birthday glory.  jane was blessed sunday and we had family and friends over for lunch afterwards, pretty sure she thought all those people were there especially for her and that made her pretty happy. 

last night as i layed her in bed she asked for 3 hugs and 3 kisses. then she said goodnight, goodnight, goodnight and i love you, i love you, i love you and did the i love you sign 3 times.  it must have clicked that she was 3 years old because she said she needed to do everything 3 times because she was now 3 years old. smart girl.

i asked her a few questions that i found here about her favorite things as a 3 year old.  it will be fun to see how those things change over the years.  
she stole a big piece of my heart three years ago.  i love the she made me a mother and has taught me so much about love and patience. the two of us have spent some good quality time together.  those one on one times don't happen quite as often anymore but i love it when they do.  today i cuddled up with her and told her little stories about when she was my only baby.  funny things she did and said.  she would giggle and then ask for more stories.  i loved thinking back over the past 3 years and sharing some of those memories with her.  then we both fell asleep and took a nap together. i love that little stinker.


meag said...

oh that adorable. that little stink is too cute!!! happy to see she likes miss ariel barbie...cute post.

Macey Peterson said...

oh man. i love her so much. so sad we missed out, but thanks for the post. so we could see her in all her birthday glory. now we just need to see baby jane in her blessing dress. :)

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

aren't those 3 year olds just so cute? I can't get enough of them. I still think it's funny that Wyatt totally remembers Avery now when he sees a picture of her on your blog. So cute. Isn't it so sad that they are growing up?

Anonymous said...

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