Thursday, January 12, 2012

a blessing

 jane pre-church and pre-blessing dress.  what a happy girl
sunday was a big day for our family.  avery's birthday and Jane's blessing.  i woke up that morning with a very full heart.  i feel so blessed and loved.  I am so grateful for two happy and healthy girls and a husband who holds the priesthood and has been willing and able to bless our girls.  Trae blessed Jane with so many wonderful things.  I loved that he was also able to bless me with the confidence and patience i need and that as a mother Jane and I will have a special bond.  it was a great day and Jane looked beautiful.  my mom joked with me that by the time we finally blessed jane she would be able to walk up by herself but we wanted to wait until our brasil family was all here. unfortunately, Dee had to go back a few days before her blessing, but we had so many other wonderful people there to support us, and we missed everyone who couldn't make it.  Bonnie bought me Jane's blessing dress in Brasil, before i even knew i was having a girl and it is lovely.
Jane has slept through every single hour of chuch for the last 3 months until last sunday.  She would hardly close her eyes and squaked during her entire blessing.  She didn't want to miss a minute of her big day.  i didn't get a picture of everyone who stood in her blessing circle but we did manage to take a few 4 generation pictures. one on my dads side and the other on trae's mom side.  we have wonderful families that we are so thankful to be a part of.
poor meag and preston were sick the whole day with bad colds and runny eyes.  preston adores jane and was trying to do anything he could to get close to her.  durning sacrament meeting he climbed over everyones laps to get right by her and kept trying to give her kisses.  he got so close one time but just as he was about to pucker up he sneezed so bad and left his evidence all over miss janes face.  poor little guy.  he had our entire family plus the row behind us histerically laughing.  and this was the closest meag got to holding jane all day.  she is just 2 1/2- 3 weeks shy of having her own little girl.  oh goodness, we can't wait to meet her.  you wouldn't know she's that close to having a little babe though.  she looks more like she is going to give birth to a baby bird than a baby girl.  
it was a major battle trying to get avery in a quick family picture that day, one we obviously weren't desperate to win.  just one with our jane will do.  she can hold her head up so well.  she either has a super strong neck or some killer cheeks resting on her chest helping to hold her head up. anyways, it was a good day!
a good day indeed.


meag said...

as disgusting as i look in that picture with jane, i love it...look at that girls smile. she is so sweet and smiley, i love her. can't wait to see you and the girlies on saturday.

Macey Peterson said...

those pictures of her in her dress just grinning are so precious. she looks like she's grown a month since i've seen her. i think i'll be making another trip soon to see you guys.

Jenn said...

Love the pictures of her smiling in her dress--so precious!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Lovely. Feel free to look at my blog, although it is not as precious as yours!

Anonymous said...

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