Sunday, August 14, 2011

summer lovin part 2

just cleaning off one of my camera cards with a few pictures from this summer.  its been an eventful summer, but not overwhelming.  i can't believe its already the middle of august and in 2 short months i'm gonna be a mom of two....crazy.  the highlight of the summer is watching avery experience so many new things that she didn't get to in brasil or just forgot from her previous summer in the states.

i only got three pictures from the jones family reunion.  this one is from one of the only times she was playing nicely with the other girls, she is still learning how to interact with kids her age after living with only adults for a year. 

this is her silly cinderella lamp that she refused to put down for the entire reunion.  she denies the fact that its a lamp and still carries it with her all day as one of her dolls. 

grandma with her two busy grandkids at the swimming pool. still can't believe that number is about to double in a few short months.


Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

cute cute pictures lis! She is so cute and looks so much bigger from when i saw her last, but then again that was like 7 months ago. I'm excited for your new little one to come. i miss you!

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