Monday, August 29, 2011


i've been a sorta lame blogger lately.  i keep waiting for something fabulous to happen or to get out of this little rut. perhaps i should stop waiting and make something happen.

here's what we've been up to in a nutshell.

our anniversary was last week.  5 years people!!  it was about the most low key anniversary ever, which is kinda how we like it, but we really didnt have any other option this year.  trae started school this week and his program is all night classes.  we went out to lunch, just us, then he headed to school and i headed to my moms to make a wedding cake for my brother until about midnight.  we didnt do anything fancy or even get to spend the day together.  maybe we'll do an anniversary re-do one of these days.

little girl #2 will be here before i know it.  its funny how with my first, baby things were constantly on my mind.  baby names, nursery ideas, colors, clothes, labor and delivery, etc. ect.  this time around, i barely stop to think about it.  that makes me a little nervous.  i'm just as excited for this girl, but haven't had the time to get all wrapped up in the details yet.  i better get on it though, judging by the size of my growing belly, and the continiuous jabs and kicks i feel, i am gonna be a mom of 2 in no time, like in 6-7 weeks. ahhh!  i have been feeling great however, despite some crazy back pain and the constant need to go to the bathroom.  i am just holding on to the last month or two with ave as my only kid and loving it so much.

last week we went to the cassia county fair and rodeo, of course, and it was fabulous. not so sure ave loved it as much as i had hoped but she looked cute.  she was pretty into it for about 15 minutes then all she was concerned about was getting some cotton candy and pop, and the clown that came and sat by my great grandma.  trae and i also worked in our stake booth for a few days.  lets just say i ate waaaaaay too many maple bars, and enjoyed every single on of them.

my brother got married on friday.  they are cute and happy together. we love jocelyn and her little girl raigen.  we are so happy to have them in the family now, officially, and for ave to have a cousin that she kind of adores. only picture i got was taken on my phone of us sisters, the bride and groom will come later.

the webb family had a little family reunion on saturday.  we dont get togeher nearly as often as we used to now that the grandkids are grown up.   it was so fun though and made me wish we did it a little more. the boys golfed and the sweet driving range, we played intense volleyball and kick ball games, ate fabulous food, let the kids run wild and had a great time.

(this is as good as you'll probably get of my almost 7 1/2 month pregnant belly, i'm not that much into belly shots and feel unflattering as it is so, this will do. the added weight has certainly been dispersed through-out unwanted parts of my body. blah.)

we survived trae's first week of school.  wasnt nearly as lonely as i thought it would be considering two of the 4 nights i spent at my moms and another whole day playing with meag and preston.  i wont get used to that but it sure was nice for the first week.  i'm sure i'll stay busy, this sassy little girl always helps.

thats about it for now. our simple, happy life.

can you believe its almost september? wow!!


Steve Finnell said...

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abby jones said...

She STILL carries around the Cinderella lamp! :) Love that girl, too cute! And I love the sister picture, you girls are gorgeous. Let's do something soon!

Jens and Patricia said...

Your family is beautiful and you look absolutely amazing for being that far pregnant! Baby #2 is a whole lot different thinking than #1 but you will be a great mom of 2! Good luck with everything!

meag said...

hahaha oh preston...what a disaster his face is.cute pics.

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

oh shush about the body weight dispersing in unwanted places! your still just as little and cute as ever! don't worry, the #2 baby worries will be here before you know it. love ya lis!

McKell Mendenhall said...

That is the cutest picture of Presto...sums him up for sure.

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

Lis!!1 U look so stinkin good!!! Imiss you!!! Ur family is so darling!!!