Saturday, July 16, 2011

garrard reunion 2011

finally some family reunion pictures.  
saturday: swimming and dinner
sunday: church, luau, dinner (my grandparents took their kids to hawaii for their 50th anniversary and everyone brought back lots of hawaiian loot, so we had a party), fireworks, sleeping under the stars-(aka, worst night sleep ever)
monday: big 4th of july breakfast, golfing, pedicures, intense volleyball and kickball games, too much food, kids painting their village, fireworks.

this continues to be the greatest family reunion around, but of course i'm biased. i wasnt too great at capturing everything that went on but we had a seriously good time. 
(picture overload)


Heather Favre said...

You need to frame the picture of You, Trae and Avery tucked under the blanket! frame it for life!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

Cute cute cute! looks like fun and Ave is a doll! I want to see a cute prego picture of you! Miss ya!

Greg~Chels~Livi~Gracie said...

So fun!! I might need a couple of your pictures!! I didn't take very many! Love the one of the girlies eating their popsicles!

abby jones said...

That looks like a blast! And that kid village is one of the cutest ideas ever!

Althea said...

Came across your blog by chance. These are great pics. So vivid. :)

. said...

I love these photos. These definitely need to be framed up. :)