Wednesday, July 6, 2011

wedding weekend

i have lots of catching up to do, here's a start.  last weekend trae's sister macey got married.  she's so gorgeous and fun and we love her and her new husband.  he fits right in.  its was such a fun weekend with family. avery thought it was the coolest thing to see a real princess in a white dress get married in a castle. it was a 2 year olds dream come true.  there will probably be lots more pictures coming but this is it for now.

mace with brian and in-laws

uncle matt teasing ave with delicious snowcones+ice cream+fruit

family reunion coming next.


Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

so cute!!! i miss you! when am i going to see you?

Heather Favre said...

Avery looks so cute with those dang pigtails! I love the snowcone picture!

The Jones Crew said...

I loved Macey's wedding dress it was so cute on Macey Love, Kristi