Monday, February 14, 2011

ramblings of a 2 year old

my bed time conversation with avery a few nights ago

ave-mom, you lay with me for just one minute.
me- okay, i'll stay here for a little bit then i have to go clean up the kitchen
ave- you stay for one more minute mom. just one minute.
me-okay ave. please go to sleep
after a few minutes of her playing around and not going to sleep i say:
me- ave i'm not gonna stay here if you dont go to sleep, i'm gonna go clean up
ave- lay your head down on your pillow
ave- lay your head on your pillow right now mom
me-you lay your head down too ave
ave-mom, close your eyes and go to sleep
ave- close your eyes right now
me-okay, you need to close your eyes too and try to go to sleep sweetheart.
ave- close your eyes and lay your head on my pillow right now mom.

who is running this show anyways. okay, don't answer that.
the next night this is how her prayer went... she said it all by herself

Heavenly Father,
we can have a goodnight, and be good. and um, mom will lay with me for just one minute. and um, Jesus and we could go to church today. and be nice. and um, papa and daddy and grandma, and papa and grandma. and mommy will lay her head on my pillow just one minute. and um, um, we could be safe. and um, be happy.
Jesus Christ, Aaaaaaaamen.

it was so cute even though she leaves out all those "please bless"and "thank yous".

love moments like these that help me forget the not so cute things she does, like how she has completely forgotten that she was potty trained, and is sometimes downright bossy and mean. we'll just focus on the good for now. 


Hill said...

I see another strong headed girl coming along. It reminds me of Addi at that Age. Sure love that age. Not that we weren't there that long ago. Hope you guys had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

Macey Jones said...

thank goodness for these little bits of avery i get every so often. that conversation sounds about right. ha. i loved the other day when everyone left the room when we were skyping and she just stayed there for like 5 minutes straight and skyped with us. she's getting so big. give her a kiss from me.


Abby Rae said...

Oh my...she is so funny! I sure wish we got to see her while you guys were here. She sounds hilarious! Love that picture too.

Rosie said...

LOVE IT! She is so hilarious. Hazel has stopped praying by herself lately. It makes me wish I'd secretly filmed her while she was rambling! You should totally do that with Ave.

Rebekah said...

little sassy girl... i hear all girls all! such a cute prayer:)
love, Rebekah