Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february 1st

can't believe its already february.  this month is trae's birthday, valentines day, the girls start school and i get to play mom for a few weeks, and it only has 28 days. guess i better enjoy it while it lasts. ave had i kinda rough day yesterday and she wore us both right out.  When she woke up this morning at 8:00 and had me histerically laughing by 8:15, i knew it was gonna be a much better day. and it was.  here is a little glimpse into our avery's february 1st. 
(told you i get that evil smile often)

(thank you grandma and grandpa for sending your awesome piano, ave loves it and i am gonna re-learn to play a little)

(i did not know that forgetting brown sugar had that affect on cookies. the ones on the right were so much better, obviously)

(eating a pb&j in her undies, not a bad life)

hope the rest of the month goes as good as this.


Macey Jones said...

oh my word. those last two posts made me laugh hysterically. you're right, she's got the creeper face down.

and wow that grand looks good in that new apt. it makes me want to play it sooooo bad-and i never want to play the piano. (yes lis, brush up...so that they can call you as ward pianist for your last six months, if i can do it...you can do it.)

meag said...

oh adorable...again. i love the play dough pictures. so cute. oh happy feburary!

meag said...

i am currently giving you permission to break into my blog, create a me a new header equally as adorable as yours and then pin it right up on my blog. please and thank you.

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

love it! love you! love that i got to see you (as i dedicated a post to you :). looks like avery is doing better now that she is in undies again. good work. haha.