Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy birthday- yesterday

reasons why i love trae...

his laugh, that sometimes makes me laugh.
how he looks in his sunday best. gets me everytime.
the way he plays with avery and gets her laughing, almost never fail.
how he teaches me patience.
that he can rock his sperrys, and look good doing it
his love for the gospel
that he wants to be a professor
how he is so optomistic about our future even though we're kinda clueless
his ability and willingness to serve, especially to the people here in brasil
he takes me to the temple often
how he is humble and never asks for or wants anything for himself
but never says no when i ask the "can i buy this for myself "question
how he handles stress so well
and works so hard for our family
he knows his scriptures
how he is totally himself when hes with his brothers
how he looks in his glasses
he is so organized and responsible
sees the good in everyone
knows how to play the piano better than me
he isn't afraid of a challenge
that he helps do the dishes almost everynight after dinner (starting last week)
how he gets avery to cuddle with him whenever he wants
is so patient with my imperfections
how he fulfills his 'big brother'role so well.
that he is mine FOREVER.

love you babe!!


Macey Jones said...

ill admit, that post almost made me tear up. almost. i love all of those things too. (welll.....actually are we sure we love that he is COMPLETELY himself when around the brothers??) ha, just kidding.

love that last picture. you got you some cute joneses right there. :)

Abby Rae said...

happy {late} birthday to Trae! Hope it was wonderful! That cake looks delish...