Sunday, December 5, 2010

funny girl

i swear three months ago i was saying that ave was in my favorite stage and that it couldn't get better. i was wrong. right now is my favorite.  she is hilarious and has me laughing all day.  the way she sings in her 'microphone' all the time, and dances to the waka-waka song, and draws and paints for hours, and ask questions about everything. i love it all. 

thanks to my friend rosie, i got some good potty training advice and went for it.  proud to say she's been diaperless for 2 weeks and most days go by with out a single accident (knock on wood).  it was much easier than i expected but there were definatly a few times when  i didnt know if it was worth it yet.  that little bum gets me everytime. 

here are some things avery said that kept us entertained today:

--this morning when ave woke up trae asked her if she slept good, her reply: "yeah, you sleep good?"
--she watched an episode of calliou about loosing teeth so today she took a big white sea shell that her grandpa found, hid it under a pillow and said, "uh-oh, where'd avery's tooth go, mom?"
--trae was eating an omlette this morning and i asked him how it was then she asked, "is it good dad?"
--i called my mom on skype today and the first thing ave blurted out was "oh no! where'd avery's finger go?" as she proceeded to bite it.
--we're trying to teach ave that we go to church to learn about jesus, not just play in nursery, so today when we arrived avery said "play with toys, play with belle.... after jesus, huh?"

i sometimes wonder what goes on in that little brain.  curious little thing.  whatever it is, i love every second of it.

on a more random note:  we might get to move into the new apartment this week.  it will be a blessed day whenever it happens and we are praying real hard we're in before christmas.  i seriously don't know how much more restaraunt food i can take. 

happy sunday!!


Ashley said...

Oh Lis! Ellie and Ave would be quite the pair I'm sure.

And I'm so jealous that you tried out Rosie's technique...I'm a little nervous because we have so much carpet in our house--I don't know that I am ready to become that close of friends with my little green machine. That or make Ellie stay in the kitchen on the tile all day long :) So glad it worked for you! Maybe i'll get brave...

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

nice job on the potty training. I did that with Wyatt about a month ago and he did great! But the 2nd week, he would only tell me when he had to poop and he had so many accidents that I just decided to stop and wait a month and then go for it again. I'm told the 2nd time around is usually the charm, when you do that. I don't know what you did with avery, but i let wyatt run around naked and it worked. you should email me and let me know what you did though. I'd love to know! anyway, can't wait for you to come home! miss ya!

Curtis and Whitney Giles said...

She seems like a smarty pants! What a fun stage! I REALLy want to hear the potty training advice! It is a goal to have Presley potty trained before baby #2 arrives, but we will see! Let me know what ya did!

Joker said...

Hi I am new to your blog..
Lovely pics of your beautiful sweet daughter looking to see more cute pics..

Macey Jones said...

that girl couldn't be more cute. love it.

Chase and Holly Family said...

Hey great to see things are going so well for you! sorry you don't have any fun neighbors anymore!!!! we will deffinently need to get together when you guys get back! Ave is SO BIG! and SO SMART!!! and of corse SO CUTE haha! we are just starting potty training with jaden wish us luck!!! great to hear from ya!

katie/nick said...

I can't believe she is potty trained! You're such a super mom..if only i could be like you!!'re coming home this month right!? so excited!!

meag said...

silliest girl in the world. presto and i can't wait to play with her