Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

its been so different celebrating American holidays in a country that doesn't celebrate them with you.  its a little bit sad to be honest. this Thanksgiving has been especially different.  We still dont have a kitchen and eat out for nearly every meal so what we were going to do for thanksgiving dinner had us all down in the dumps a little.  Thankfully that wonderful little american school pulled through for us.. again, just like for halloween.  They put on a fabulous feast, nothing like what i'm used to but i cant complain. turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and a few salads.  the only things they were critically missing were: gravy, homemade rolls and pies.  for our thanksgiving dinner tonight we went out for pizza, and its a good thing it was tasty, or else.

when trae and i sat down to write our list of what were thankful for this year we came up with so many things that we probably would have overlooked had we still lived in the US. most importantly we are grateful for our wonderful families, the gospel of Jesus Christ, our healthy and happy daughter, eachother, and the United States (although thats just barely skimming the top of our thankful lists).

please enjoy a piece of pie (or two or three) for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Macey Jones said...

i didn't even get corn on the cob for thanksgiving, lucky ave.

we sure missed you guys today! :)

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

i totally know how you feel. we were in luxembourg still for thanksgiving, but luckily we had a few American families in our ward there and one of them threw a little dinner for all of us. Wasn't quite the same as just being home and having the stuff your used to, worked. I can't wait to see you when you come home!! Yay!