Sunday, December 19, 2010

pretend christmas card

i didnt get around to ordering and sending christmas cards this year.  i managed to get some homemade thanksgiving cards out to a few family members --  but sending out lots and lots of cards from brasil wasn't high up on my to-do list this year. we can all pretend this is official and sent out individually, right?  the picture is a little pixelly and the babe woudn't crack a smile, but i just love how green and tropical it looks.

trae graduated from college and got a job here in brasil. he stays busy with work, teaching seminary and holding 2 other church callings, and being my sidekick.  he can not wait to go back to school, he just doesnt know exactly what for.  he is the best daddy and husband. he works so hard for us and we love him.

avery, if you couldn't already tell from this blog, is the center of our lives.  we can't get enough of her and feel so blessed to be her parents.  she is learning how to test our patience and makes us laugh daily.  she is a smarty pants.  being her mom and dad  is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. we love her.

i have been struggling learning a new language and living far away from what i call home, but am enjoying the experience of living in another country. i spend most days at our home helping our daughter create and learn new things, while learning so many new things myself.  i miss cooking (and cleaning) and cant wait to live in the US again.   i have a husband who loves me and a daughter who strengthens me.  i am happy.

we have been so blessed this year. we are healthly and happy. we have been given so many opportunities to grow and count our blessings. we have been able to develop and strengthen relationships with family members.  we have made many new friends. we have the gospel in our lives.  we love eachother.

(silly picture won't center, ugh)
Merry Christmas from us. have a great week!!


Jana said...

AHHH....What an adorable family you have Melissa!!! We hope that you guys have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. HOpe to see you when you are visiting home for a few weeks!!! WE love seeing the pictures of Avery, she is a DOLL:)

The Jones Crew said...

Merry Christmas Trae, Melissa, and Avery. What a cute little family. Hope to see you during your stay here.

meag said...

hey...lets gmail chat.

Maren said...

I want your tannnnn! Super jealous. You are amazing for doing so well in Brazil. That would be super hard but sounds like you are doing super good. Hope things continue to go well! Love the pretend christmas card.

Rebekah said...

I am SO jealous of your look gorgeous! I hope you had a good christmas, and I hope you somehow got my christmas card...maybe they forward mail all the way to brazil? Your family is beautiful!

Liou said...

bella familia...