Sunday, July 18, 2010

well, the rest of the family arrived back in town a few days ago.  it sure is a heck of a lot louder around here now but it is super fun. we're slowly getting back into the swing of things with a house full of people crammed in a little apartment. the next few months may be slightly out of control but i'm sure they will be oh so enjoyable.  trae took us into downtown Recife yesterday to show us around a little. there is so much to see in this big city.
we finally made it to the beach to play some volleyball. it was about time. hopefully this becomes a more regular activity for us.
most of all, avery is so happy to have her friends back here. i heard "me-she," "maul," and "morgee" so many time in the last few days.  she is also super happy to have "dwew" here to visit. this little girl is getting enough attention to last her til she's five.
seems like sundays are the only days i get around to posting lately.
have a lovely day!


Chase and Holly Family said...

Ave is getting SO big! let us know when you guys get back, we will have to do lunch and a park!! glad to see you guys are doing okay!

Jordan & Brooke Brady said... are you adjusting? i love the posts! keep them coming! i miss you! I'll see you in September.....I BETTER at least!! :)

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

HEY lis, your guys look like your having such a blast! Awww, ave is such a doll!!! that last pic of ur last post, of u and ave on the SUPER green grass, by a house where was that taken, it looks so pretty! Miss you tons girly!!