Sunday, July 4, 2010

happy 4th

never been more proud to be an american as i am now. living in another country that functions so differently has made me appreciate the good ole USA so much more.  wish i could have been home this time of year. i pretty much love the 4th of july.  fire works (although we heard plenty of those when argentina lost their world cup game yesterday), barbeques, FAMILY REUNIONS, community parties. i love all of it.  hope you all had a great 4th!!

on another note... this girl has been funny lately.  she talks all day and says some of the most randon things. for instance:
she calls her dad 'trae'... which wont become a habit but it sure is cute.
when walking out of the church house last night she said 'bye-bye Jesus' as we passed a picture of him 
she calls herself 'a-ee' whenever she sees a picture of herself or looks in the mirror
every time we go to the temple she waves at angel Moroni and even says 'hi/bye moroni'
she loves juuuish (juice) and cookies and reminds us all day long
says 'poop' everytime she has to go or has already gone and everytime some one goes into the bathroom she says 'pee-pee'. (time to potty train??)
she loves the 'got-gog' (hot-dog song from mickey mouse clubhouse) and' tebby-tubbies' shows.
i love her!!

hope you have a great sunday.  it is, in fact, the best day of the week!!


meag said...

oh how i adore avery. she is ca-ute. i cannot wait till you come visit me....make a list of projects to do. you are darling.

Abram said...

Happy 4th of July! I celebrated today with a bunch of Chinese people so I can kind of relate--there's nothing like a hometown Independence Day! I think it's cute that Avery calles her dad Trae. I called my mom Ida for years because that's what everyone else called her.

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

That's funny that Avery calls trae by his name. Wyatt does the same thing. He pretty much only says that, no daddy. it's funny. and it's great when they start finally know what they want!!! :) miss you!

the hopkins said...

I'm sure you are appreciating the U.S. more now that you're there!! Hope you guys had fun though. Preston served in Argentina and has told me stories about how crazy they are down there when it comes to soccer. ha.
I love all the words Avery is saying, especially that she calls him Trae. How funny :)

Macey Jones said...

haha. i can't wait to hear her call trae "trae." what a little smarty pants.