Friday, July 23, 2010

copy cat

ave is just at that age where she picks up on everything. she is always copying what i say (uh oh) and wanting to do everything i do. she's been a little copycat since she was itty bitty but now its just getting more fun. every time i brush my teeth, so does she. every time i put my shoes on for the day, she's right behind me and so on.  she even loves to sit on her own little potty, although she is far from being potty trained. she just thinks she is pretty cool when she does what the big kids do.  and pretty cool she is.

we're getting ready for some visitors to arrive tomorrow. as if this apartment wasnt small enough already... we will surely be getting nice and cozy with eachother now.  trae and i are taking fletcher and skye to do some sight-seeing/resort beach tomorrow and then we're headed for a little excursion with the whole family at the beginning of the week.  i love getting away from the big city every now and then. its quite refreshing actually...kinda makes we feel like i'm home...(kinda but not really).
speaking of home...i got my new camera that my in-laws brought back from the US.  my mom snapped this picture to test out the camera before sending it.  it was just what i needed. there really is no place like home is there?

have a lovely night!


meag said...

hey place like home indeed. do i even need to tell you that ave just gets cuter and cuter...i think not, but she does. have fun on your excursion, can't wait to hear all about it.

Lauren Tatton said...

So fun! I think she keeps getting cuter and cuter! I agree with meag!