Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sweet baby

meag had her doctors appointment yesterday and the doc said baby girl looked pretty comfortable in there.  as of last night meag was pretty sure she would be pregnant forever, or at least baby girl wouldn't be coming for another week+. little claire had other plans.  i was sure suprised when i got a text in the middle of the night saying meags water had broke.  i keep laughing at how seriously similar our birth stories are.  jane and claire must have made a deal with eachother that they were going to come to this earth quickly without giving us alot of time to prepare and worry.  i'd say i like it much better that way anyways.

claire is perfectly plump and adorable.  she has the cutest little cheeks already that i just want to kiss on all day.  seems like i was just in meags shoes yesterday.  she'll post stories and details later, but i just wanted to share a few photos from our afternoon visiting meag and baby claire.

claire kathleen jones

look at those cheeks.  

if only babies could stay this fresh from heaven a little longer.  they grow too fast.


Macey Peterson said...

okay, jane is huge! right?? i need to see that little thing asap.

tell meag congrats. it'll be so fun to have those 2 so close in age.

Anonymous said...

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