Thursday, February 2, 2012

its been a quiet few weeks at our home lately.  we had lots of family visiting over the holidays and loved it. they're gone now so we are recuuperating and re-adjusting jane and avery to 'mom & dad attention' vs. 'cute little aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas attention.'  there is a big difference, sometimes. and our little girls were spoiled with all the attention they wanted and possibly needed.  That's the way it should be too. They loved it and so did we.  now i just have to get avery to understand that i cant pretend i'm a dog all day long or go outside and jump on the tramp with her in cold winter weather like her aunts and uncles would (although maybe i should relax and do it a litte more.)  

We've been hit with the cold bug and see a lot of this laying around our house lately.  Jane hates it and so do i.  pretty miserable for a new(ish) baby if you ask me.  Ave handles it nicely and is usually so sweet when she isn't feeling her finest.  she asked me to get the big bulb syringe out today to suck out her nose cause she watches me do it to jane all day long. she wasn't such a fan.

we did make time yesterday for a little art while jane was taking a snooze.  i love how her little creative mind works.  when she first started she had a blue top and green bottom and noticed it looked like clouds and grass.  so she added a sun.  she went a little crazy after that but that's what i love about it.  she's quite proud of it.  i want to get a huge canvas and do a similar family art project like this cute one that i found while blog surfing for our play room.

and whats a post with out a picture of this smily girl.


We Joneses said...

I am so impressed with Avery's canvas! I tried that with Hazel once... about 2 years too soon... :)

meag said...

remember when you used to be mad at how smiley preston was because ave never really smiled for pictures. well my dear, you have yourself a smiler. and she is adorable. thanks for the sweet baby post.

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