Saturday, April 24, 2010

in love

absolutely in love with this girl. cant even believe how happy she makes me everyday. we took her to the park the other day to let her play and to snap a few pictures before we leave logan. naturally she was way more interested in all the other kids playing than a silly camera in her face. luckily kell snapped a few winners.

this last picture could possibly be my very favorite, ever. man she makes me laugh!

ps... she finally started walking today!!


meag said...

seriously, choking back my freakin tears right now as i think about the two of you moving to Brasil. ok, just kidding, couldn't hold them back any longer...their streaming. dang it. I'm gonna be really sad, and i'm gonna miss that princess. ohhhh...not good. but she's really cute.

Macey Jones said...

she started walking? YAY. love her

We Joneses said...

Hazel keeps looking at these pictures and saying "hazel!" haha. She is such a doll, Lis. And they are getting to be so much FUN!

Keenan and Brittani Atwood said...

She is so so adorable- and you still look amazing, btw- that cute little girl takes after her Mommy ;). Still can't believe you're moving to Brasil! Crazy! Are you getting excited???